Cerillion continuing to see strong growth and strong momentum (LON:CER)


Cerillion plc (LON:CER) Chief Executive Officer Louis Hall caught up with DirectorsTalk for an exclusive interview to discuss their new product version, a ‘pure product model’, helping CSPs with their total experience, who has signed up for the new version and what’s next for the company.

Cerillion, the billing, charging and customer relationship management software solutions provider has announced this week the release of the latest version of its Enterprise BSS/OSS suite. Joining me today to discuss the news is CEO Louis Hall.

Q1: First off, congratulations on your new product launch, could you just talk us through the key highlights?

A1: This particular launch is focussed on a number of things but the main things are we’ve looked at how to enable our customers to implement business change more through configuration over customisation, this is also known as a ‘low code no code’ direction. That’s obviously important in enabling our customers to react quickly to changes in their own markets but also, it’s important in enabling us to pivot into new markets ourselves.

Also, a lot of emphasise on helping our customers to monetise more effectively new 5G rollouts and new broadband rollouts so there’s been investment into things like improved session management and son on in the charging platform.

Also, investment in our lead management software which enables our B2B telco serving enterprise customers more tools to manage those more complex sales processes.

Q2: In the launch announcement, you highlight the ‘pure product model’ that the company offers, what does that mean?

A2: Essentially, that means one product for all of our customers. All of our customers use the same product, we don’t customise our software for any particular customer, if a customer does need a feature, we don’t have then we implement that as a product change in our product kernel and all customers will then share that new feature.

That’s really important because it means that we can upgrade our customers much more easily and we’re doing that throughout our Evergreen programmes, a rolling roadmap where we’re proving new release of software every six months.

Q3: The launch also refers to helping CSPs with their total experience, can you explain that a bit further to our viewers and how you address this?

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A3: This is a major new trend in the software industry and what it’s about is rather than just focussing on the customer experience, it also addresses the employee experience and the user experience within a telco so it’s a more holistic approach.

For us, it means designing solutions that are easy to use, both for the employee but also the end customer and that’s all about delivering streamlined intuitive user experiences across all of the touchpoints through our CRM module, our mobile apps, our self-service modules and so on.

Q4: Which customers have signed up for the new product version?

A4: This is one of the big benefits of our Evergreen programme so our Evergreen programme essentially provides all customers who sign up to it automatic access to this latest release we’ve announced but also every six-monthly release as well.

That enables our customers to be continuously up to date with the latest versions of our software and to benefit from all the latest features without falling behind so, effectively, future proofing that customer solution.

Q5: What is next for Cerillion? What should people be looking out for?

A5: We’re continuing to see strong growth and strong momentum and have our results coming out on 22nd November so we’ll be able to say a lot more about that at that time.

We expect to see continuing momentum and next year we have some major new customers going live as well which we’re very excited about so a lot to come.

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