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Are you reaching the High Networth investment community?


DirectorsTalk has one of the largest private investor audiences in the UK. We create a better following and understanding for PLC’s amongst HNW & retail investors.


If you are a Broker, Analyst Financial PR or other Corporate and feel it’s time to be noticed, use the contact form below and find out how we can help you make a difference.


Some ways in which we can help through DirectorsTalk.com & DirectorsTalkInterviews.com and social media:


  • DirectorsTalk has one of the largest Social Following of investment professionals that will see Your News.
  • DirectorsTalk news is uniquely viewed over 100,000+ times a day and increasing
  • DirectorsTalk will create a Company profile as a central hub for all your news.
  • DirectorsTalk will search for your news and link it to your Company Profile which is available to Potential Investors.
  • DirectorsTalk can provide you with your own website widget to incorporate all the positive news we create and collate.
  • Need to expand on an RNS, we can create and publish Question and Answer sessions about your company.
  • DirectorsTalk will create and disseminate telephone interviews in video format
  • Need to make your presentations more engaging – DirectorsTalk can help.
  • Your Company Logo can be displayed on every DirectorsTalk page at least once
  • Thinking of joining the London Stock Market – We can put you in touch with the people who can help


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