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Zinc Batteries

Zinc, will it be King of the Battery Crown?

Zinc, cheaper than Lithium, safer and for batteries on a zinc system the longer they run the less costly they are in comparison according to Bloomberg.

Around 2 years ago engineers discovered how to make zinc-based batteries rechargable on a commercial scale. Since then, companies have been targeting their use for utilities, where they can accrue energy over an entire day and utilize it at night.

But in a greener climate the race is on.

Leon Coetzer CEO at Jubilee Metals Group said in response: “The article highlights the rapid development in energy storage capacity of batteries with zinc starting to play a bigger role in this arena as a safer alternative. This bodes well for our Zinc surface project at Kabwe.”

Jubilee Metals Group (LON:JLP) is actively engaging with 3rd party suppliers of both copper and zinc ore to develop strategic partnerships as part of the expansion of the Integrated Kabwe Operations.

You can read the full article on Bloomberg here.

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