tinyBuild Hello Neighbor 2 pre-order from 7 April 2022

tinybuild - Hello Neighbor 2

tinyBuild, Inc. (LON:TBLD), a leading video games publisher and developer with global operations, has announced that Hello Neighbor 2, the next game in its best selling franchise, will be available for pre-order on 7 April 2022.

Based on the proven model developed for the first Hello Neighbor title, the launch strategy for Hello Neighbor 2 is designed to maximise the visibility of the game and to realise its full potential in terms of consumer following, and subsequently, sales on the actual launch date. Players who pre-order the game will get access to a beta version on PC and Xbox. The original Hello Neighbor had a similar strategy, allowing players who pre-order to participate in an in-development build and supply feedback. With Hello Neighbor 2, however, the beta version will be for the first time available on Xbox

Since its launch in 2017, the Hello Neighbor franchise, which includes Hello Neighbor, Secret Neighbor, and Hello Engineer, has grown in popularity, giving the Company high levels of confidence ahead of the launch of Hello Neighbor 2.

The Company’s strategy is to create long-lasting IP that results in multi-game and multimedia franchises. As well as new games across multiple platforms, tinyBuild looks to expand game-based IP into graphic novels, books, TV, film, merchandise and more. Hello Neighbor is a successful example of this approach. Over the last four years, the franchise has reported:

●    Over 80 million downloads of all Hello Neighbor titles, up from 60 million in March 2021

●    8 million Hello Neighbor 2 alpha downloads (up from 4 million in March 2021)

●    Over 3 million downloads of Secret Neighbor on iOS alone since June 2021

As well as announcing the next instalment in the Hello Neighbor franchise, the Company is pleased to report that its recent game launches are progressing as expected. These games have added to tinyBuild’s well-diversified portfolio of titles. Highlights includes:

●    Potion Craft has passed 400,000 downloads after topping the Steam top sellers charts at launch in September 2021 (100,000 downloads in the first three days)

●    Despot’s Game and Undungeon both had strong launches with “Very Positive” users reviews on Steam

●    Happy’s Humble Burger Farm also had a positive reception among key influencers and reviewers (“a genius game”, according to Destructoid) 

●    Trash Sailors will be released on 16 December 2021, and the critically-acclaimed Not For Broadcast will move to version 1.0 in Q1 2022

Strong relationships with partner platforms have further enhanced the Company’s revenue diversification strategy. A number of tinyBuild titles available as part of subscription services have been renewed this year, increasing the Company’ revenue visibility, and allowing tinyBuild to accelerate its investment in recently acquired IP, such as Deadside (acquihired in September 2021).

Finally, to show appreciation to our staff members’ continued hard work, the Board has recently announced that all staff members have been granted an extra week of holiday at the end of December.

Alex Nichiporchik, Chief Executive Officer of tinyBuild, commented:

“We are excited about the release of the much-anticipated Hello Neighbor 2, adding to a successful franchise across multiple games and platforms as well as books and graphic novels, with a TV pilot in the works. Alongside new titles such as Potion Craft, Despot’s Game and Happy’s Humble Burger Farm, it further contributes to the diversification of our portfolio, while our close relationship with partner platforms increases the resilience of our business overall.

“Our goal is to expand our position as a leading global developer and publisher, focusing on IP ownership while creating a diversified portfolio of long-term scalable franchises. The accretive M&A deals recently announced are supporting our ambitious growth strategy and we are actively looking at a number of potential acquihires and larger scale acquisitions to enhance our strategic and operational position. We are confident about delivering on our strategy for this year and beyond.”

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