Silverbullet announce key new engagements for their 4D technology

Silver Bullet Data Services

Silver Bullet Data Services Group plc (LON:SBDS), a provider of digital transformation services and products, has announced a number of recent 4D Context Outcomes Engine engagements with the the Group’s flagship digital marketing product.

4D is a contextual intelligence cloud-based platform that enables advertisers to connect with consumers in the post-cookie advertising era.  Google’s announcement of the third-party cookie phase out by the end of 2023, allows advertisers to find new products such as 4D to reach the right audience at the right moment in time, all in a privacy-safe manner and brand suitable manner.

We are delighted to announce some key new engagements for 4D’s technology, which is designed to serve advertisrs in the post-cookie world:


4D Drives Outstanding Results in Video

AXA partnered with 4D to explore its enhanced video offering. AXA wanted to target video content surrounding their insurance message to raise brand awareness. With 4D Video the brand was able to further compete against the competition by using its proprietary contextual video technology, targeting logos within the video asset, to analyse and assess context topics relevant to the insurance sector.

Outcome: 4D exceeded AXA’s expectations of 70% video completion rates to 95%. Furthermore, the brand saw a significant boost in performance, increasing scale and audience reach.

Megan Anderson, Brand Marketing Manager of AXA UK commented:

“By activating with 4D Context Outcomes Engine, we were able to drive performance, brand awareness and engage consumers interested in purchasing insurance across four different contextual strategies. The results spoke for themselves, in just a month we saw a 25% increase in Video Completion Rate (VCR) across skippable videos.”


4D Beats Google’s Contextual Targeting in Performance

Renault wanted to target consumers on the features of their latest electric vehicle model, and sought to bring awareness through educational content. Renault was using Google DV360 contextual targeting, a solution that has long been used by advertisers, and was yielding mixed results. The car manufacturer needed a better solution and so ran an A/B test against 4D.

Outcome: 4D outperformed Google DV360 contextual targeting across all metrics, seeing powerful results including 133% increase in Click-through rates and 51% increase in page views. 4D saw better engagement, more views and less cost to Renault.

A Global Brewing Company

4D Drives Insights to Improve Marketing ROI

A global brewing company partnered with 4D as a part of their cookie-less testing initiative to target environments relevant to people who were preparing for Dry January and geared towards more health and environmentally conscious individuals. The brand leveraged 4D to raise brand awareness and reach relevant consumers across video creatives.

Outcome: 4D’s next-generation insights helped the brand identify the type of
content their audience were engaging in, meaning they gained invaluable insights into their customers, helping them to identify new advertising strategies and acquire audiences they had not reached before.

Greene King

4D Drives Footfall and Boosts Performance

Greene King has partnered with 4D to drive footfall and traffic into physical pubs during a Football Championship event. Greene King wanted to increase its brand image during the sporting event, to closely align its brand with the event itself, and increase consideration amongst fans and viewers as they watched the games in their pubs instead of competitor locations.

Outcome: 4D boosted performance for Greene King and drove higher quality impressions that therefore nurtured higher engagement. 4D helped Greene King gain 1.7x more bookings than two legacy contextual solutions, and resulted in 56% more online clicks, which saw the brand acquire new customers.

A High-End Global Luxury Fashion Brand

4D Builds Luxury Brand Awareness in Video

This well-known global business wanted to drive brand awareness amongst new consumers. This client partnered with 4D to drive awareness through custom-made contexts and to better understand what content the target audience were engaging in, with a focus on video.

Outcome: By partnering with 4D, the company expanded scale by reaching new consumers, exceeding their expectations. The brand saw maximized cost effectiveness, and was able to find adjacent, engaged users and potential new customers.

Ian James, Chief Executive Officer of Silver Bullet Data Services Group, commented:

“We are delighted to have secured these project wins through our 4D technology platform delivering business advantage and market leading outcomes for clients. 4D is a product designed for the post-cookie era, and an important part of Silverbullet’s overall data offering. To work with such prestigious brands and companies to improve marketing outcomes demonstrates the long-term value that 4D brings to the advertising ecosystem. I look forward to further updating the market in due course.”

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