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Jubilee Metals Group PLC Q&A: Latest project update (LON:JLP)

Jubilee Metals Group PLC (LON:JLP) Chief Executive Officer Leon Coetzer caught up with DirectorsTalk for an exclusive interview to discuss their latest project update, the focus on copper, further growth & what shareholders should look out for in the coming months.

Q1: Now, you’ve just released a projects update, can you talk us through the highlights?

A1: We released, earlier this week, the projects update. Of course, this excludes our production update, it really focusses on the projects that we are currently in execution mode. I think what the projects update really highlights is two things:

  • The company continues to add to its current earnings by bringing in further projects online to supplement our earning.
  • It highlights quite nicely is of course, the diversification as we start diversifying our income into other base metals, targeting the zinc side, the vanadium side, Zambia.

As the update highlights also, is that we continue to drive really hard to bring these projects on stream, in time and within the set budget.

Q2: Does this mean there will be a higher focus on copper over the coming months?

A2: I think what it does show is on the one side of course it’s the South African and Zambian, two areas of the business, both starting to grow quite rapidly. I wouldn’t say there’s a higher focus on copper, on base metals side in Zambia but definitely the Zambian growth justifying a very dedicated team and a very dedicated focus.

On the one side, we are bringing on stream further PGM, platinum group projects, quite significantly so, of course, the JV with Northam Platinum coming on stream which doubles our PGM capacity.

Accurately, as you say, the acquisition of the refinery with Glencore through the Sable Zinc refinery, bringing on stream zinc, bringing on stream vanadium and of course, supplementing all of those base metals with the copper line within the Sabre Zinc refinery justifies a very dedicated focus.

In line with that, we have implemented quite a significant dedicated team to sustain and develop that project in Zambia.

Q3: The company has continued to deliver consistent growth in earnings this so far year, I take it we can expect the same for the remainder of the year?

A3: I think what the projects do show, and of course metals have come off slightly, chrome especially from its high prices, is to diversify our earnings and bring on new projects which of course, yes, will continue to support the growth in the company’s earnings.

Q4: What else should we look out for in terms of news flow from Jubilee Metals Group in the coming months?

A4: I think there’s two areas, the one of course is our updates on our projects coming into operational, we have very exciting projects coming on stream both on the PGM side and on the base metals side, the base metals side being a very large project. So, definitely shareholders can look forward to the updates of those projects as they progress.

Also, as we’ve stated before, we are aggressively pursuing further projects and I think shareholders can look forward to update from Jubilee as we start adding to the existing projects and start giving clarity on what the next project pipeline that will supplement further the earnings into the future.

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