Applied Graphene Materials new chemical resistant graphene enhanced coatings package

applied graphene materials

Applied Graphene Materials plc (LON:AGM), the producer of specialty graphene nanoplatelet dispersions, has announced that it has launched a new performance data package demonstrating that its graphene nanoplatelet dispersions product range can achieve high levels of protection from harsh chemicals when used in coatings applications. This opens up a new market for AGM’s products, where higher-performance graphene-enhanced paints and coatings can effectively protect a substrate against chemicals in highly aggressive environments.

Chemical permeation is a major issue in the protective coatings market. Prolonged contact, from full submersion, splashes, spills and fumes, with a range of chemical substances can lead to visual discolouration, gloss reduction, and blistering, all of which can have a negative impact on coating performance. As a result, coatings manufacturers strive to develop surface protection systems that can resist chemicals and protect the substrate from contamination.

In comprehensive testing AGM has now demonstrated superior performance of its graphene nanoplatelet dispersions in a range of immersed chemical applications, from acid to alkali. The highly effective graphene technology performs extremely well compared with conventional materials used in the industry at substantially lower loading levels, enabling the formulator to have far greater flexibility with their products and application scope. Protective coatings with comparable additives are used in a range of industries for applications such as chemical tank linings, linings of pipes for transporting chemicals, floor coatings in chemical environments and structural steelwork coatings. AGM also anticipates that the application could be suitable for composite materials often used in this space.

AGM’s Genable graphene nanoplatelet dispersion technology has already been proven to deliver significant anti-corrosion performance advantages for metallic surfaces in harsh environments, as has been demonstrated with a number of customer product launches. The latest chemical resistance application offering gives its customers in the coatings sector further scope to innovate and develop new products which perform and stand out. 

Adrian Potts, Chief Executive Officer of AGM, said:

“AGM’s innovation team have done an outstanding job at demonstrating graphene nanoplatelet materials as a highly effective additive in coatings technology. Using our know-how to disperse graphenes to achieve consistent, reliable performance gains, we are able to bring this new application to market with solid data to support its launch. We know graphene works extraordinarily well in anti-corrosion applications and coatings innovators now have broader scope to integrate a graphene solution into a wider product range. I very much look forward to the technology development being presented through our distributor network and the prospect of strong uptake in its application across a range of opportunities.”

Applied Graphene Materials – For the last decade, AGM has been at the forefront of harnessing the possibilities of graphene. Founded originally by Professor Karl Coleman, the Group has grown from an academic idea from Durham University to a world leader in the development and application of graphene nanoplatelet dispersions for customers in the coatings, composites and functional materials sectors.

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The Group utilises its proprietary bottom-up manufacturing process to produce high purity graphene nanoplatelets. Its expertise in dispersion chemistry enables AGM to create optimised, stable and easy to handle dispersions that customers use in real-world industrial products. AGM’s unique approach enables industries to fully realise the potential of graphene in a simple, safe and easy to formulate way. 

AGM, based at the Wilton Centre on Teesside, was admitted to AIM in November 2013, raising £11 million. The Group successfully raised £8.5m in January 2016, £9.8m in November 2017 and a further £6m gross in January 2021. The Group’s shares are also cross-traded on OTCQX in the United States. As a result of the funding support and its industry leading technology platform, AGM has been able to develop a significant sales distribution network covering Europe, North America and Asia. The Group continues to work closely with industrial partners, and has seen the successful launch of numerous commercial products enhanced by its Graphene Dispersions.

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Find more news, interviews, share price & company profile here for:
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