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MTI Wireless Edge Limited

MTI Wireless Edge Ltd Delighted with new $1m USD contract win

MTI Wireless Edge Limited (LON:MWE), a market leader in the manufacture of flat panel antennas for fixed wireless broadband and a wireless irrigation solutions provider, is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary, Mottech Water Solutions Ltd, has secured a new contract worth approximately US $1 million, for the implementation of a wireless irrigation control system for a new customer in Israel.

Mottech’s General Manager, Dudi Shani, commented: “We are delighted with this additional contract win, which demonstrates our products, technology and service. This order allows us to expand and strengthen our position in the Israeli landscape irrigation market. We aim to complete the installation of this order within the next 12 months.”

MTI Wireless Edge Limited is engaged in the development, production and marketing of high quality, low cost, flat panel antennas for commercial and for military applications. Commercial applications include: WiMAX; wireless networking; RFID readers; and broadband wireless access. With over 40 years’ experience MTI supplies 100KHz to 90GHz antennas (including directional antennas and omni directional) for outdoor and indoor deployments, including smart antennas for WiMAX, Wi-Fi, public safety, RFID and base stations and terminals. For the utility market. Military applications includes a wide range of broadband, tactical and specialized communications antennas, antenna systems and DF arrays installed on numerous airborne, ground and naval, including submarine, platforms worldwide.

Via its subsidiary, Mottech Water Solutions Ltd, MTI is also a leading provider of remote control solutions for water and irrigation applications based on Motorola IRRInet state of the art control, monitoring and communication technologies. Mottech, headquartered in Israel, is the global prime distributor of Motorola for the IRRInet remote control solutions serving its customers worldwide through its subsidiaries and a global network of local distributers and representatives. It utilizes over 25 years of experience in providing its customers with remote control and management systems which ensure constant, reliable and accurate water usage, while reducing operational costs and maintenance costly expenses. Mottech activities are focused in the market segments of agriculture, water distribution, municipal and commercial landscape and wastewater and storm water reuse.