Guild Esports Social media reach to double after signing of Nikita ‘Nihachu’ Sembowski

Nikita Sembowski

Guild Esports plc (LON:GILD), a global team organisation and lifestyle brand, has announced that the total viewership of the Guild network is set to double to 10.4 million as a result of signing Nikita Sembowski (‘Nihachu’), a top-tier female content creator from Germany, as of today.

Nihachu, aged 19, has signed a one-year contract with Guild, which has an option to renew for another year. As part of the agreement, she will produce exclusive content for Guild’s social media channels, appear at Guild live events, promote Guild’s merchandise and branding and work alongside the Company’s partners.

Nihachu has a combined social media following of over 5.5 million comprising 990,000 followers on Instagram; 756,000 YouTube subscribers; 1.6 million followers on Twitch; 1.25 million on Twitter and 909,000 on TikTok.

Nihachu is rapidly gaining popularity and is one of the fastest growing streamers on the Twitch platform. She has the 27th fastest growing English language Twitch channel over the past 30 days according to latest audience figures and has attracted new viewers at a faster rate than established Twitch streamers such as Pokimane, the largest female streamer on Twitch and Ninja, a renowned streamer that is currently the most followed on Twitch. Since November 2020, she has grown her Twitch fanbase 220% from 500,000, to 1.6 million. Nihachu is also in the top 100 streamers for average viewership in the past 30 days for English language channels.

Her recruitment increases the Company’s current total viewership by 112 per cent, from 4.9m to 10.4m, which comprises 180,000 subscribers who have opted into Guild’s own channels, and a further 10.2 million who have subscribed to the network of Guild’s teams, influencers and content creators. These figures exclude Guild’s social reach through co-owner David Beckham’s channels which have more than 125m fans and followers. 

Nihachu is quickly becoming a leader in the ever-growing variety streaming sector, amassing a loyal fan-base and community by streaming popular games such as Minecraft and Among Us to her followers. She also regularly hosts conversational ‘Just Chatting’ streams that are watched by thousands of concurrent viewers, building lasting relationships with both her guests and audience. Her commitment to entertaining and talking directly to her fans aligns with Guild’s vision to celebrate the loyalty of esports and gaming communities worldwide.

Nihachu is the fifth addition to Guild’s growing creator roster which includes Georgina Rose Nelson (‘Gee Nelly’) who has a combined social media following of 754,000; Stevie White with 105,000 followers; Marcus Black (‘SoMarcus’) with 54,000 followers and Thomas Ngegba (‘TN25’) with 90,000 followers.

Carleton Curtis, Gild Esports Executive Chairman, said “We are thrilled to be partnering with leading content creator Nihachu who strengthens our already-formidable roster of personalities. Guild’s fanbase and social reach is multiplying rapidly as we deepen our engagement with fans through compelling content from outstanding creators and influencers such as Nihachu.”

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