Georgian Mining Corporation Exploration Permit Approval Imminent

Georgian Mining Corp

Georgian Mining Corporation (LON:GEO) announced today the results of a meeting with the new Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, Mr. Georga Kobulia, on Friday 21st September in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Mike Struthers, Georgian Mining Corporation Chief Executive Officer said:

“Mr. Kobulia settled full-time into his role as Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development on 10th September and I was able to meet with him and the Head of the Mining Agency, Ms. Maia Zavrashvili, at the end of last week. We had a productive discussion around the history of the Company, our plans in Georgia, details of our exploration successes, the pending permit approval, and the Government’s plans to significantly expand the country’s minerals industry.

“The Minister recognises the quality of our application and our urgency to resolve the issue quickly. He said we can be optimistic for a positive outcome very soon.

“As mentioned previously, this delay has arisen from the Government reorganisation which started in late June and it has taken some time for the new Ministers to divest themselves of their previous responsibilities and to settle into their new roles. I’m very pleased that we finally had the opportunity to present our Company and our permit application at this level and I’m confident that we’ll have a positive response very soon.

“I’m also encouraged by the very constructive meeting I had with the Deputy Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture, Ms. Nino Tandilashvili, in which we shared our common views on “Responsible Mining” and the Government’s migration to European Union standards. Furthermore, we also discussed our Company’s plans for environmental studies and CSR programmes in concert with the development of our projects. All of our meetings provided for very positive dialogues and I look forward to working with the Government in the future.”

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