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TUI AG Q3 Results

TUI AG (LON:TUI) today announced its third quarter results.

EUR millionQ3 2019Q3 2018 
Var. %9M 20199M 2018 
Var. % Var. % 
at constant 
Turnover4,745.04,576.7+ 3.711,421.411,142.6+ 2.5+ 2.8
Underlying EBITA 1       
Hotels & Resorts91.572.4+ 26.4226.9244.7– 7.3– 18.6
Cruises101.588.7+ 14.4207.9182.4+ 14.0+ 14.0
Destination Experiences15.317.4– 19.5+ 17.1
Holiday Experiences208.3178.5+ 16.7439.7431.2+ 2.0– 5.0
Northern Region– 58.614.2n. a.– 263.7– 111.6– 136.3– 134.8
Central Region8.231.5– 74.0– 119.6– 113.2– 5.7– 5.7
Western Region– 53.5– 8.5– 529.4– 217.4– 113.7– 91.2– 91.2
Markets & Airlines– 103.937.2n. a.– 600.7– 338.5– 77.5– 77.0
All other segments– 3.5– 28.9+ 87.9– 38.7– 75.6+ 48.8+ 44.2
TUI Group100.9186.8– 46.0– 199.717.1n. a.n. a.

EBITA 2, 3
84.1176.0– 52.2– 262.6– 27.4– 858.4 
Underlying EBITDA 3, 4219.3287.0– 23.6141.8312.5– 54.6 
EBITDA 3, 4210.4281.2– 25.2103.7285.4– 63.7 
EBITDAR 3, 4, 5396.9459.9– 13.7634.6794.7– 20.1 
Net gain / net loss for the period47.3104.8– 54.9– 240.4– 105.8– 127.2 
Earnings per share 3 EUR0.040.17– 76.5– 0.54– 0.31– 74.2 
Net capex and investments238.8378.4– 36.9890.4585.7+ 52.0 
Equity ratio (30 June) 6 %   19.821.4– 1.6 
Net debt / Net cash (30 June)   – 994.6589.4n. a. 
Employees (30 June)   71,84766,632+ 7.8 

Differences may occur due to rounding.

This Quarterly Statement of the TUI Group was prepared for the reporting period 9M 2019 from 1 October 2018 to 30 June 2019.

The TUI Group applied IFRS 15 and IFRS 9 retrospectively from 1 October 2018. In contrast to IFRS 15, IFRS 9 was introduced without restating the previous year’s figures.

In Q1 2019, the Italian tour operators were transferred from All other segments to the Central Region. In addition, the Crystal Ski companies, which provide services in the destinations, were reclassified from Northern Region to Destination Experiences. Prior-year figures were adjusted accordingly.

1 In order to explain and evaluate the operating performance by the segments, EBITA adjusted for one-off effects (underlying EBITA) is presented. Underlying EBITA has been adjusted for gains / losses on disposal of investments, restructuring costs according to IAS 37, ancillary acquisition costs and conditional purchase price payments under purchase price allocations and other expenses for and income from one-off items. Please also refer to page 6 for further details.

2 EBITA comprises earnings before interest, income taxes and goodwill impairment. EBITA includes amortisation of other intangible assets. EBITA does not include ­measurement effects from interest hedges.

3 Continuing operations.

4 EBITDA is defined as earnings before interest, income taxes, goodwill impairment and amortisation and write-ups of other intangible assets, depreciation and write-ups of property, plant and equipment, investments and current assets. The amounts of amortisation and depreciation represent the net balance including write-backs. ­Underlying EBITDA has been adjusted for gains / losses on disposal of investments, restructuring costs according to IAS 37, ancillary acquisition costs and conditional purchase price payments under purchase price allocations and other expenses for and income from one-off items.

5 For the reconciliation from EBITDA to the indicator EBITDAR, long-term leasing and rental expenses are eliminated.

6 Equity divided by balance sheet total in %, variance is given in percentage points.


  • Our Holiday Experiences continue to deliver a strong performance, despite the challenges we currently face in our Markets & Airlines business, demonstrating the strength of our integrated business model.
  • Our Hotels & Resorts result in Q3 is supported by our asset portfolio of diversified destinations. Whilst Riu saw lower ­demand in Spain resulting from the continued shift of demand from Western to Eastern Mediterranean, our Turkish hotels saw a significant year on year earnings improvement as a result of this demand shift.
  • Our strong Cruises result reflects the capacity expansions across the fleet this Summer, with strong volumes in TUI Cruises, and strong increase in yields for both Marella and Hapag-Lloyd Cruises.
  • Destination Experiences continued to grow with our Musement integration well on track, with the basis set for the business to benefit from strong Summer season volumes in Q4.
  • Markets & Airlines continued to see a weak demand environment leading to a later booking behaviour by our customers, reflecting the ongoing knock-on impact of the Summer 2018 heatwave and Brexit uncertainty. Number of customers were marginally ahead of prior year however and the segment delivered a stable underlying result outside of the 737 MAX grounding impact.
  • As outlined in our ad-hoc announcement in March, Q3 was negatively impacted by the 737 MAX aircraft grounding. ­Resumption of the 737 MAX remains subject to the clearance decision of the civil aviation authorities and we have secured replacement aircraft leases out to the end of our Summer 2019 programme. We anticipate 737 MAX related costs of approximately up to EUR 300 m for the current financial year.
  • In the last quarter we made significant progress to deliver on our four strategic initiatives:
    • Grow Hotel & Cruise business with vertical integration to drive premium returns;
    • Retain and where possible extend strong positions in Markets & Airlines;
    • Add scale in new markets, with our new GDN-OTA (Global Distribution Network Online Travel Agent) platform; and
    • Add scale in Destination Experience markets with our new tours and activities platform.
  • Hotels & Cruises – we will continue to leverage our distribution scale to increase yields in our content businesses and further invest in portfolio diversification. We will both continue to be selective in our approach and apply a blended ROIC target rate of > 15 %.
  • Markets & Airlines – we have set up a Markets Transformation Programme to improve our market competitiveness. The programme will focus on CRM and digital upselling, harmonisation of purchasing, airline efficiency, mobile distribution and common IT platforms to retain and where possible, extend our market share.
  • New markets – we will build reach in complementary markets through our scalable GDN-OTA platform and have seen strong growth momentum already to date. Our target of 1 m additional customers from new markets by 2022 may be achieved earlier.
  • Destination Experiences – we will drive scale in our new digitalised platform by both expanding our product portfolio and by extending to further 3rd party distribution channels such as Ctrip.
  • As part of our ongoing review of our business portfolio, we are pleased to announce we have signed an agreement post balance sheet date relating to the disposal of two non-core German specialist businesses. The disposal of Berge & Meer and Boomerang reflects our drive to focus on clear synergistic businesses. We anticipate the disposal, for an agreed enterprise value of EUR 96 m to EUR 106 m (including EUR 10 m earn-out), to complete in the first quarter of the next financial year.
  • As expected, net debt as at 30 June 2019 reflects the full utilisation of disposal proceeds received over the past few years and the increase in financing related to our aircraft re-fleeting programme. TUI is in a robust financial position, with a considerable level of financing and liquidity headroom.
  • We therefore reiterate FY19 underlying EBITA guidance stated in our ad hoc announcement of 29 March 2019 of approximately up to – 26 % compared with underlying EBITA rebased in FY18 of EUR 1,177 m1.

1 Based on constant currency: FY18 result rebased in December 2018 to EUR 1,187 m to take into account EUR 40 m impact for revaluation of Euro loan balance within Turkish Lira entities, and adjusted further to EUR 1,177 m for retrospective application of IFRS 15.

At a glance

For further detail, please see Segmental Performance on pages 6 to 11.

Results at a glance
EUR millionQ3 20199M 2019
Underlying EBITA FY18 (originally reported)+ 193+ 35
IFRS 15 impact– 6– 18
Turkish Lira revaluation impact (prior year)+ 8+ 18
Underlying EBITA FY18 (rebased)+ 195+ 35
Holiday Experiences+ 28+ 21
Markets & Airlines– 31– 174
All other segments+ 24+ 33
Special items  
Prior year: Riu gains on disposal (Hotels & Resorts)– 8– 43
Prior year: Niki bankruptcy impact (Central Region)+ 20
Prior year: Airline disruptions (Markets & Airlines)+ 13+ 13
Q1 FY19: Northern Region hedging gain+ 29
Q2 / Q3 FY19: 737 MAX grounding (Markets & Airlines)– 144– 149
Q2 / Q3 FY19: Easter timing (Markets & Airlines)+ 22
Underlying EBITA FY19 at constant currency+ 99– 215
Foreign exchange translation+ 2+ 15
Underlying EBITA FY19+ 101– 200

Expected development and guidance

Holiday Experiences

Holiday Experiences continues to deliver a strong performance overall. The strength in our model lies not only in the investment we have made in recent years to expand our differentiated content and our integrated model (driving higher occupancies, rates and yields in our hotels and cruise ships), but also in our expansion of multiple hotel destinations. Our diversified destination strategy is delivering clear benefits from the shift in demand from Western to Eastern Mediterranean and we expect this benefit to continue in Q4.

We have opened 23 own hotels so far in FY19, and expect to open 26 in total. This will bring the total since merger to 70, slightly ahead of our original target of around 60 hotels. Around two thirds of our 70 openings since merger are of lower capital intensity, (operated under either a management or franchised contract or owned with JV partner), reflecting our disciplined approach in ownership.

In Cruises, we have launched three ships this year, new Mein Schiff 2, Marella Explorer 2 and Hanseatic nature. All our brands continue to perform well, driven by robust demand for our attractive itineraries and premium all-inclusive, as well as luxury and expedition product offerings.

Within Destination Experiences, we expect excursions and activities contributions to grow, with Musement integration costs in the year partly offsetting. In the coming months, we will expand the product portfolio and 3rd party distribution channels (such as with Ctrip) of our digitalised platform, driving further future growth.

Markets & Airlines

As previously communicated, we expect our FY19 full-year results to be impacted by the 737 MAX grounding. We have seen a later booking behaviour to date from the ongoing knock-on impact of last year’s extraordinary hot Summer with demand continuing to be impacted by Brexit uncertainty. In addition, overcapacity to Spanish destinations has resulted in increased competition, putting pressure on margins for the division.

For Summer 2019, 87 % of the programme has been sold compared with 88 % at this time last year. Bookings are down 1 %, with average selling price up 1 %1. As we approach August, we expect improvement in Summer trading as we lap the height of last year’s heatwave. Bookings and margins have improved year-on-year over the most recent weeks, however pricing remains behind cost ­inflation, therefore we continue to anticipate margins to be lower than prior year.

1 These statistics are up to 4 August 2019, shown on a constant currency basis, and relate to all customers whether risk or non-risk.


We therefore reiterate FY19 underlying EBITA guidance stated in our ad hoc announcement of March 2019 of approxi­mately up to – 26 %, compared with underlying EBITA rebased in FY18 of EUR 1,177 m2.

2 Based on constant currency: FY18 result based in December 2018 to EUR 1,187 m to take into account EUR 40 m impact for revaluation of Euro loan balance within Turkish Lira entities, and adjusted further to EUR 1,177 m for retrospective application of IFRS 15.

Based on current foreign exchange rates, we expect approximately EUR 15 m positive impact on underlying EBITA compared with rates prevailing in the prior year.

Consolidated earnings

EUR millionQ3 2019Q3 2018 
Var. %9M 20199M 2018 
Var. %
Hotels & Resorts154.5161.0– 4.0425.5448.9– 5.2
Cruises256.3222.7+ 15.1680.9619.6+ 9.9
Destination Experiences259.465.8+ 294.2562.2131.4+ 327.9
Holiday Experiences670.2449.5+ 49.11,668.61,199.9+ 39.1
Northern Region1,599.61,616.0– 1.03,722.93,842.6– 3.1
Central Region1,598.41,525.7+ 4.83,823.13,761.3+ 1.6
Western Region804.3846.6– 5.01,861.41,911.2– 2.6
Markets & Airlines4,002.33,988.3+ 0.49,407.49,515.1– 1.1
All other segments72.5138.9– 47.8345.4427.6– 19.2
TUI Group4,745.04,576.7+ 3.711,421.411,142.6+ 2.5
TUI Group at constant currency4,776.74,576.7+ 4.411,454.611,142.6+ 2.8
Underlying EBITA
EUR millionQ3 2019Q3 2018 
Var. %9M 20199M 2018 
Var. %
Hotels & Resorts91.572.4+ 26.4226.9244.7– 7.3
Cruises101.588.7+ 14.4207.9182.4+ 14.0
Destination Experiences15.317.4– 19.5
Holiday Experiences208.3178.5+ 16.7439.7431.2+ 2.0
Northern Region– 58.614.2n. a.– 263.7– 111.6– 136.3
Central Region8.231.5– 74.0– 119.6– 113.2– 5.7
Western Region– 53.5– 8.5– 529.4– 217.4– 113.7– 91.2
Markets & Airlines– 103.937.2n. a.– 600.7– 338.5– 77.5
All other segments– 3.5– 28.9+ 87.9– 38.7– 75.6+ 48.8
TUI Group100.9186.8– 46.0– 199.717.1n. a.
TUI Group at constant currency98.9194.6*– 49.2– 214.535.3*n. a.

* Rebased previous year’s numbers adjusted for EUR 8 m and EUR 18 m in 9 m 2018, arising from the revaluation of Euro loan balances within Turkish hotel entities.

EUR millionQ3 2019Q3 2018 
Var. %9M 20199M 2018 
Var. %
Hotels & Resorts91.572.4+ 26.4226.9244.6– 7.2
Cruises101.588.7+ 14.4207.9182.4+ 14.0
Destination Experiences11.816.9– 30.2– 7.53.0n. a.
Holiday Experiences204.8178.0+ 15.1427.3430.0– 0.6
Northern Region– 63.29.4n. a.– 290.9– 125.0– 132.7
Central Region5.128.4– 82.0– 126.2– 122.6– 2.9
Western Region– 56.6– 11.5– 392.2– 226.6– 129.7– 74.7
Markets & Airlines– 114.726.3n. a.– 643.7– 377.3– 70.6
All other segments– 6.0– 28.3+ 78.8– 46.2– 80.1+ 42.3
TUI Group84.1176.0– 52.2– 262.6– 27.4– 858.4
Discontinued operations41.4n. a.41.4n. a.
Total84.1217.4– 61.3– 262.614.0n. a.

Segmental performance

Holiday Experiences

Holiday Experiences
EUR millionQ3 2019Q3 2018 
Var. %9M 20199M 2018 
Var. %
Turnover670.2449.5+ 49.11,668.61,199.9+ 39.1
Underlying EBITA208.3178.5+ 16.7439.7431.2+ 2.0
Underlying EBITA at 
constant currency
206.8186.3*+ 11.0426.8449.4*– 5.0

* Rebased previous year’s numbers adjusted for EUR 8 m in Q3 2018 and EUR 18 m in 9 m 2018, arising from the revaluation of Euro loan balances within Turkish hotel entities.

Hotels & Resorts
 Q3 2019Q3 2018 
Var. %9M 20199M 2018 
Var. %
Total turnover in EUR million369.1334.6+ 10.3960.4897.9+ 7.0
Turnoverin EUR million154.5161.0– 4.0425.5448.9– 5.2
Underlying EBITA in EUR million91.572.4+ 26.4226.9244.7– 7.3
Underlying EBITA at constant 
currency rates in EUR million
90.080.21+ 12.2214.1262.91– 18.6
Capacity hotels total 2 in ‘00011,92210,911+ 9.328,68927,103+ 5.9
Riu4,6654,484+ 4.013,26612,917+ 2.7
Robinson958823+ 16.32,2412,070+ 8.3
Blue Diamond1,149944+ 21.63,1692,712+ 16.9
Occupancy rate hotels total 3 in %
variance in % points
79.880.2– 0.478.278.4– 0.2
Riu88.988.4+ 0.585.787.1– 1.4
Robinson66.964.4+ 2.567.463.6+ 3.8
Blue Diamond77.283.4– 6.277.980.4– 2.5
Average revenue per bed 
hotels total 4, 5 in EUR
6057+ 5.46764+ 4.0
Riu5858+ 0.16565+ 0.2
Robinson8686+ 0.59292– 0.9
Blue Diamond113104+ 8.0122114+ 7.1

Turnover measures include fully consolidated companies, all other KPIs incl. companies measured at equity.

1 Rebased previous year’s numbers adjusted for EUR 8 m in Q3 2018 and EUR 18 m in 9 m 2018, arising from the revaluation of Euro loan balances within Turkish hotel entities.

2 Group owned or leased hotel beds multiplied by opening days per period.

3 Occupied beds divided by capacity.

Arrangement revenue divided by occupied beds.

5 Previous year revenue per bed restated to reflect revised PY rate at Blue Diamond.

  • Hotels & Resorts underlying EBITA for Q3 was up EUR 19 m on prior year at constant currency rates, excluding last year’s EUR 8 m gain on disposals in Riu. Occupancy remained high across the segment at 80 %. Average revenue per bed increased by 5 %, helped by the shift of demand to Eastern Mediterranean, reflecting improving rates in Turkey.
  • In Riu, as expected from the shift of demand from Western to Eastern Mediterranean, underlying EBITA decreased year on year as Riu came off record highs. Additionally, last year benefitted from EUR 8 m disposal proceeds in the same period. In spite of this destination shift, occupancy at Riu increased by 1 ppts to 89 %. Average rate remained at EUR 58.
  • Robinson saw a good operational performance in the quarter with occupancy increasing by 3 ppts to 67 % and average rate of EUR 86 in line with prior year. This was driven by increased demand for our clubs in Turkey, and the benefit of reopening our flagship club Jandia Playa in Fuerteventura, which was closed for renovation in the prior year. Underlying EBITA increased by EUR 1 m in the period.
  • Blue Diamond earnings declined by EUR 4 m in the period due to higher interest and depreciation costs of our new properties and lower occupancy rates across the portfolio, particularly in our new openings. Occupancy rate fell by 6 ppts to 77 %, and average rate is up 2 % excluding FX and up 8 % including FX.
  • As anticipated, our other hotels result increased by EUR 19 m versus prior year reflecting the return of demand to Turkey, delivering improving rates and occupancy.
  • Since merger, 67 new hotels have been opened, 66 % of which are in lower capital intensity models (managed, franchised or owned via joint venture).
 Q3 2019Q3 2018 
Var. %9M 20199M 2018 
Var. %
Turnover1 in EUR million256.3222.7+ 15.1680.9619.6+ 9.9
Underlying EBITA in EUR million101.588.7+ 14.4207.9182.4+ 14.0
Underlying EBITA at 
constant currency in EUR million
101.688.7+ 14.5207.9182.4+ 14.0
Occupancyin %
variance in % points
TUI Cruises99.598.8+ 0.699.399.2+ 0.2
Marella Cruises298.5100.3– 1.899.799.9– 0.2
Hapag-Lloyd Cruises74.775.6– 0.976.376.1+ 0.2
Passenger daysin ‘000      
TUI Cruises1,6091,239+ 29.94,4273,753+ 18.0
Marella Cruises2906799+ 13.42,3482,050+ 14.6
Hapag-Lloyd Cruises8187– 5.9232254– 8.8
Average daily rates 3 in EUR      
TUI Cruises190200– 5.1163165– 1.4
Marella Cruises 2, 4 in £144138+ 4.8144135+ 6.9
Hapag-Lloyd Cruises584571+ 2.3620590+ 5.1

1 No turnover is carried for TUI Cruises as the joint venture is consolidated at equity.

2 Rebranded from Thomson Cruises in October 2017.

3 Per day and passenger.

Inclusive of transfers, flights and hotels due to the integrated nature of Marella Cruises.

  • Cruises underlying EBITA increased by EUR 13 m in Q3. All three brands saw growth in the quarter from additional capacity versus prior year.
  • TUI Cruises result was up by EUR 9 m versus prior year. As expected, the increase in capacity of 30 % (new Mein Schiff 1 launched H2 FY18 and new Mein Schiff 2 launched Q2 FY19) helped to deliver a strong contribution in the quarter. Average daily rate was down 5 % to EUR 190 compared to prior year, which reflects in part our itinerary mix and the significant increase in German ocean cruise capacity this year.
  • Marella Cruises underlying EBITA was up by EUR 3 m reflecting the addition of Marella Explorer 2 launched in May and average daily rate increasing by 5 %. The result was partially offset by the exit of Marella Spirit in Q1 of this financial year.
  • Hapag-Lloyd Cruises underlying EBITA increased by EUR 1 m on prior year, driven by average daily rate up 2 % across the fleet and the new Hanseatic nature joining the fleet in May, partially offset by the exit of Hanseatic at the start of FY19.
Destination Experiences
EUR millionQ3 2019Q3 2018 
Var. %9M 20199M 2018 
Var. %
Total turnover379.7143.8+ 164.0797.5288.2+ 176.7
Turnover259.465.8+ 294.2562.2131.4+ 327.9
Underlying EBITA15.317.4– 19.5
Underlying EBITA at constant currency15.217.4– 17.1
  • Q3 earnings growth, as in H1, was driven by the integration of last year’s acquisition of Destination Management, offset partly by start-up losses in Musement.
  • The number of excursions and activities sold in Q3 almost doubled versus prior year, reflecting the acquisition of Destination Management and Musement.

Markets & Airlines

Markets & Airlines
 Q3 2019Q3 2018 
Var. %9M 20199M 2018 
Var. %
Turnoverin EUR million4,002.33,988.3+ 0.49,407.49,515.1– 1.1
Underlying EBITA in EUR million– 103.937.2n. a.– 600.7– 338.5– 77.5
Underlying EBITA at 
constant currency in EUR million
– 103.237.2n. a.– 599.1– 338.5– 77.0
Direct distribution mix1 in %
variance in % points
Online mix2 in %
variance in % points
4847+ 14948+ 1
Customers3 in ‘0006,0286,024+ 0.112,57412,732– 1.2

1 Share of sales via own channels (retail and online).

2 Share of online sales.

3 In Q1 2019, the Italian tour operators were transferred from All other segments to the Central Region. In addition, the Crystal Ski companies, which provide services in the destinations, were reclassified from Northern Region to Destination Experiences.

  • As expected, the Markets & Airlines Q3 result reflects tougher prior year comparables (pre-heatwave), the flagged grounding costs for the Boeing 737 MAX, the continued weaker consumer confidence due to continued Brexit uncertainty, the knock-on impact of the Summer 2018 heatwave resulting in delayed customer bookings, compounded by reduced pricing and margin pressure from overcapacities to Spain.
Northern Region
 Q3 2019Q3 2018 
Var. %9M 20199M 2018 
Var. %
Turnover in EUR million1,599.61,616.0– 1.03,722.93,842.6– 3.1
Underlying EBITA in EUR million– 58.614.2n. a.– 263.7– 111.6– 136.3
Underlying EBITA at 
constant currency in EUR million
– 57.814.2n. a.– 262.0– 111.6– 134.8
Direct distribution mix1 in %
variance in % points
Online mix2 in %
variance in % points
6665+ 16765+ 2
Customers in ‘0002,1592,211– 2.44,4054,574– 3.7

1 Share of sales via own channels (retail and online).

2 Share of online sales.

  • In the UK, Q3 demand continued in the same theme as we saw during the first half, impacted by the same factors as outlined above, with no external change to this environment. Customer volumes declined 1 % on prior year, improving from the 5 % decline in H1, however margins remain significantly lower versus prior year.
  • For the Nordics, customer numbers saw a slight improvement, down 6 % for the third quarter, up from 8 % down in the first half. As previously communicated, the Nordics saw an acute knock-on impact from last Summer’s heatwave, with the region additionally influenced by the environmental discussions which has continued to weigh on customer decisions to travel.
  • Share of earnings for Canada decreased by EUR 8 m in the quarter, reflecting 737 MAX grounding costs.
  • Northern Region benefitted from the later Easter timing of EUR 14 m in the quarter, however this was fully offset by the grounding of the 737 MAX, costing the region EUR 84 m, with overall underlying EBITA declining by EUR 73 m.
Central Region
 Q3 2019Q3 2018 
Var. %9M 20199M 2018 
Var. %
Turnoverin EUR million1,598.41,525.7+ 4.83,823.13,761.3+ 1.6
Underlying EBITA in EUR million8.231.5– 74.0– 119.6– 113.2– 5.7
Underlying EBITA at 
constant currency in EUR million
8.131.5– 74.3– 119.7– 113.2– 5.7
Direct distribution mix1 in %
variance in % points
5049+ 15050
Online mix2 in %
variance in % points
2221+ 12121
Customers3 in ‘0002,2492,170+ 3.64,6294,605+ 0.5

1 Share of sales via own channels (retail and online).

2 Share of online sales.

3 In Q1 2019, the Italian tour operators were transferred from All other segments to the Central Region. Prior-year figures were adjusted accordingly.

  • The Q3 result, driven primarily by Germany, saw a decline in underlying EBITA versus prior year, with the benefit of later Easter timing of EUR 7 m and positive trading in the region fully offset by replacement 737 MAX aircraft costs of EUR 17 m.
  • Customer volumes for Central Region increased by 4 % in Q3, reflecting the solid recovery in German customer bookings and the continued strong volume increase in Poland as we continue to drive growth in this market.
  • Distribution continues to be key to improving this low margin region. Both direct and online distribution for the Central Region grew by 1 ppt to 50 % and 22 % respectively.
Western Region
 Q3 2019Q3 2018 
Var. %9M 20199M 2018 
Var. %
Turnoverin EUR million804.3846.6– 5.01,861.41,911.2– 2.6
Underlying EBITA in EUR million– 53.5– 8.5– 529.4– 217.4– 113.7– 91.2
Underlying EBITA at 
constant currency in EUR million
– 53.5– 8.5– 529.4– 217.4– 113.7– 91.2
Direct distribution mix1 in %
variance in % points
7573+ 27574+ 1
Online mix2 in %
variance in % points
5653+ 35856+ 2
Customers in ‘0001,6201,642– 1.33,5393,553– 0.4

1 Share of sales via own channels (retail and online).

2 Share of online sales.

  • Western Region underlying EBITA was down EUR 45 m versus prior year, with little recovery in trading and margin remaining weak.
  • In Belgium, customer numbers improved by 3 % in the quarter driven largely by seat-only customers, with tour operator customers and underlying EBITA contribution down.
  • In the Netherlands, customer volumes were down 4 % year on year, with pricing and margin remaining weak throughout the period.
  • France, despite our best efforts to turn this region around, has experienced a contracting market, reducing the impact of our rebranding campaign last year. The knock-on impact of the extraordinary hot Summer last year continues to be a factor, with recent good weather in the region negatively impacting trading further.
  • Timing of Easter added EUR 1 m contribution to the quarter with the 737 MAX grounding costing the region EUR 43 m.
All other segments
EUR millionQ3 2019Q3 2018 
Var. %9M 20199M 2018 
Var. %
Turnover72.5138.9– 47.8345.4427.6– 19.2
Underlying EBITA– 3.5– 28.9+ 87.9– 38.7– 75.6+ 48.8
Underlying EBITA at constant currency– 4.7– 28.9+ 83.7– 42.2– 75.6+ 44.2
  • The result for All other segments improved due to the phasing of Head Office costs year on year, which will be weighted towards the final quarter this year.
  • On 18 March 2019 TUI announced the disposal of a majority stake in Corsair. The non-repeat of Corsair Q3 losses helped to deliver a benefit in the All other segments result. On a FY basis, Corsair will show a negative impact versus prior year as positive Q4 earnings contribution will not be consolidated in this financial year’s results.

Cash flow / Net capex and investments / Net financial position

The cash inflow from operating activities decreased by EUR 578.7 m to EUR 700.8 m. As well as the lower earnings in 9M 2019. This was mainly driven by lower customer deposits from a later booking behaviour and higher prepayments.

Net debt is defined as financial debt less cash and cash equivalents and future short-term interest-bearing investments. As expected, net debt as at 30 June 2019 reflects the full utilisation of proceeds of disposals received over the past few years and the increase in financing related to our cruise and aircraft re-fleeting programme.

Net financial position
 30 Jun 201930 Jun 2018Var. %
Financial debt– 2,637.0– 2,030.5– 29.9
Cash and cash equivalents1,564.92,598.0– 39.8
Short-term interest-bearing investments77.521.9+ 253.9
Net debt / net cash– 994.6589.4n. a.
Net capex and investments
EUR millionQ3 2019Q3 2018 
Var. %9M 20199M 2018 
Var. %
Cash gross capex      
Hotels & Resorts73.778.8– 6.5260.3193.9+ 34.2
Cruises25.4185.5– 86.3225.4223.6+ 0.8
Destination Experiences3.23.3– 106.5
Holiday Experiences102.3267.6– 61.8498.5423.7+ 17.7
Northern Region10.519.6– 46.441.043.0– 4.7
Central Region8.85.3+ 66.023.415.5+ 51.0
Western Region3.912.1– 67.824.925.1– 0.8
Markets & Airlines23.237.0– 37.389.383.6+ 6.8
All other segments17.423.7– 26.698.6116.5– 15.4
TUI Group142.9328.3– 56.5686.4623.8+ 10.0
Net pre delivery payments on aircraft56.237.9+ 48.31.917.7– 89.3
Financial investments64.155.8+ 14.9210.880.0+ 163.5
Divestments– 24.3– 43.6+ 44.3– 8.7– 135.8+ 93.6
Net capex and investments238.9378.4– 36.9890.4585.7+ 52.0

The increase in net capex and investments in 9M 2019 was mainly driven by the acquisition of Marella Explorer 2, openings in Hotels & Resorts related to our core hotel brands Riu, Robinson and TUI Blue as well as the openings of the online platform Musement and further companies from Hotelbeds. The development of divestments was related to the sale of the majority stake in Corsair, while the prior-year figure included the sale of three Riu entities.

Foreign exchange / Fuel

Our strategy of hedging the majority of our jet fuel and currency requirements for future seasons, as detailed below, remains unchanged. This gives us certainty of costs when planning capacity and pricing. The following table shows the percentage of our forecast requirement that is currently hedged for Euros, US Dollars and jet fuel for our Markets & Airlines division, which account for over 90 % of our Group currency and fuel exposure.

Foreign Exchange / Fuel

Summer 2019Winter 2019 / 20Summer 2020
US Dollar948356
Jet fuel959272

As at 8 August 2019.

Interim financial statements

Financial position of the TUI Group as at 30 Jun 2019
EUR million30 Jun 201930 Sep 2018 
1 Oct 2017 
Other intangible assets673.5643.2548.1
Property, plant and equipment5,651.94,876.34,253.7
Investments in joint ventures and associates1,476.41,402.31,284.1
Trade and other receivables62.5103.3138.7
Derivative financial instruments44.683.279.9
Other financial assets44.854.369.5
Touristic payments on account192.0157.3185.2
Other non-financial assets261.2184.473.1
Income tax assets9.69.6
Deferred tax assets331.2228.0326.0
Non-current assets11,722.410,655.09,847.8
Trade and other receivables810.3821.9700.9
Derivative financial instruments280.3441.8215.4
Other financial assets77.518.711.9
Touristic payments on account1,596.2731.3583.9
Other non-financial assets129.4140.281.7
Income tax assets139.3114.198.7
Cash and cash equivalents1,564.92,548.02,516.1
Assets held for sale5.59.6
Current assets4,721.94,940.04,328.4
Total assets16,444.315,595.014,176.2

* Prior-year figures adjusted due to retrospective application of IFRS 15 and PPA adjustments.

Financial position of the TUI Group as at 30 Jun 2019
EUR million30 Jun 201930 Sep 2018 
1 Oct 2017 
Equity and liabilities   
Subscribed capital1,502.91,502.91,501.6
Capital reserves4,200.54,200.54,195.0
Revenue reserves– 3,143.4– 2,058.4– 2,798.3
Equity before non-controlling interest2,560.03,645.02,898.3
Non-controlling interest698.2634.8594.0
Pension provisions and similar obligations1,049.0962.21,094.7
Other provisions693.5768.1801.4
Non-current provisions1,742.51,730.31,896.1
Financial liabilities2,435.02,250.71,761.2
Derivative financial instruments53.212.850.4
Other financial liabilities20.914.443.9
Other non-financial liabilities90.089.0106.3
Touristic advance payments received0.1
Income tax liabilities69.3108.8150.2
Deferred tax liabilities116.3187.9106.4
Non-current liabilities2,784.82,663.62,218.4
Non-current provisions and liabilities4,527.34,393.94,114.5
Pension provisions and similar obligations29.832.632.7
Other provisions333.0348.3349.9
Current provisions362.8380.9382.6
Financial liabilities202.0192.2171.9
Trade payables2,331.02,692.52,433.1
Derivative financial instruments110.665.7217.2
Other financial liabilities101.893.3103.8
Touristic advance payments received4,985.42,824.82,700.4
Other non-financial liabilities497.2585.7495.1
Income tax liabilities68.086.265.3
Current liabilities8,296.06,540.46,186.8
Current provisions and liabilities8,658.86,921.36,569.4
Total provisions and liabilities16,444.315,595.014,176.2

* Prior-year figures adjusted due to retrospective application of IFRS 15 and PPA adjustments.

Income statement of the TUI Group for the period from 1 Oct 2018 to 30 Jun 2019
EUR millionQ3 2019Q3 2018 
Var. %9M 20199M 2018 
Var. %
Cost of sales4,459.24,188.36.510,979.110,476.94.8
Gross profit285.8388.4– 26.4442.3665.7– 33.6
Administrative expenses282.0300.9– 6.3920.2921.6– 0.2
Other income1.613.4– 88.114.562.0– 76.6
Other expenses2.11.631.316.01.9742.1
Impairment of financial assets– 7.01.2n. a.– 9.828.2n. a.
Financial income11.723.6– 50.481.641.397.6
Financial expenses39.856.5– 29.6118.9124.6– 4.6
Share of result of joint ventures 
and associates
76.775.71.3184.0189.9– 3.1
Earnings before income taxes58.9140.9– 58.2– 322.9– 117.4– 175.0
Income taxes11.636.1– 67.9– 82.5– 11.6– 611.2
Result from continuing operations47.3104.8– 54.9– 240.4– 105.8– 127.2
Result from discontinued operations41.4n. a.41.4n. a.
Group profit / loss for the year47.3146.2– 67.6– 240.4– 64.4– 273.3
Group profit / loss for the year
attributable to shareholders of TUI AG
21.7140.6– 84.6– 320.1– 140.3– 128.2
Group profit / loss for the year 
attributable to non-controlling 

* Prior-year figures adjusted due to retrospective application of IFRS 15 and previous year’s structure was adjusted due to the first time application of IFRS 9.

Condensed cash flow statement of the TUI Group
EUR million9M 20199M 2018
Cash inflow from operating activities700.81,279.5
Cash outflow from investing activities– 948.8– 584.8
Cash outflow from financing activities– 718.2– 573.6
Net change in cash and cash equivalents– 966.2121.1
Change in cash and cash equivalents due to exchange rate fluctuation– 17.7– 39.2
Change in cash and cash equivalents due to changes in the group 
of consolidated companies
+ 0.8
Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of period2,548.02,516.1
Cash and cash equivalents at end of period1,564.92,598.0

Alternative performance measures

Key indicators used to manage the TUI Group are underlying EBITA and EBITA.

EBITA comprises earnings before interest, taxes and goodwill impairments. EBITA includes amortisation of other intangible assets. It does not include the result from the measurement of interest hedges.

Underlying EBITA has been adjusted for gains on disposal of financial investments, restructuring expenses according to IAS 37, all effects from purchase price allocations, ancillary acquisition costs and conditional purchase price payments and other expenses for and income from one-off items.

The table below shows a reconciliation of earnings before taxes from continuing operations to underlying earnings.

Reconciliation to underlying EBITA (continuing operations)
EUR millionQ3 2019Q3 2018 
Var. %9M 20199M 2018 
Var. %
Earnings before income taxes*58.9140.9– 58.2– 322.9– 117.4– 175.0
plus: Net interest expense26.036.7– 29.258.788.5– 33.7
less: Income / plus: Expense from the measurement of interest hedges– 0.8– 1.650.
EBITA*84.1176.0– 52.2– 262.6– 27.4– 858.4
plus: Losses / less: Profit on disposals0.6– 0.6 11.7– 0.6 
plus: Restructuring expense0.80.9 2.414.3 
plus: Expense from purchase 
price allocation
8.96.7 27.721.7 
plus: Expense from other 
one-off items
6.53.8 21.19.1 
Underlying EBITA*100.9186.8– 46.0– 199.717.1n. a.

* Prior-year figures adjusted due to retrospective application of IFRS 15.

One-off items carried here include adjustments for income and expense items that reflect amounts and frequencies of occurrence rendering an evaluation of the operating profitability of the segments and the Group more difficult or causing distortions. These items include in particular major restructuring and integration expenses not meeting the criteria of IAS 37, material expenses for litigation, gains and losses from the sale of aircraft and other material business transactions with a one-off character.

In the first nine months, adjustments (including individual items and purchase price allocations) totalling EUR 62.9 m (previous year: EUR 44.5 m) were made. The individual items adjusted in the period under review mainly relate to one-off expenses in connection with the conversion of the pension plan in the United Kingdom to a defined contribution plan and the loss on the Corsair disposal. In the prior-year period, in addition to expenses from purchase price allocations, restructuring costs for the integration of Transat in France and the restructuring of our German airline in particular had to be adjusted.

The TUI Group’s underlying EBITA ­declined by EUR 216.8 m to a loss of EUR- 199.7 m.

Key figures of income statement (continuing operations)
EUR millionQ3 2019Q3 2018 
Var. %9M 20199M 2018 
Var. %
Earnings before interest, income taxes, depreciation, impairment and rent (EBITDAR)396.9459.9– 13.7634.6794.7– 20.1
Operating rental expenses186.5178.7+ 4.4530.9509.3+ 4.2
Earnings before interest, income taxes, depreciation and impairment (EBITDA)210.4281.2– 25.2103.7285.4– 63.7
Depreciation / amortisation less ­reversals of depreciation*126.3105.2+ 20.1366.3312.8+ 17.1
Earnings before interest, income taxes and impairment of goodwill (EBITA)84.1176.0– 52.2– 262.6– 27.4– 858.4
Earnings before interest and income taxes (EBIT)84.1176.0– 52.2– 262.6– 27.4– 858.4
Expense from the measurement of interest hedges0.81.6– 50.0– 1.6– 1.5– 6.7
Net interest expense– 26.0– 36.7+ 29.2– 58.7– 88.5+ 33.7
Earnings before income taxes (EBT)58.9140.9– 58.2– 322.9– 117.4– 175.0

* On property, plant and equipment, intangible assets, financial and other assets.

Other segment indicators

Underlying EBITDA
EUR millionQ3 2019Q3 2018 
Var. %9M 20199M 2018 
Var. %
Hotels & Resorts118.996.9+ 22.7305.0318.5– 4.2
Cruises127.0107.4+ 18.2273.6234.5+ 16.7
Destination Experiences19.019.7– 3.616.410.6+ 54.7
Holiday Experiences264.9224.0+ 18.3595.0563.6+ 5.6
Northern Region– 43.126.0n. a.– 222.3– 76.7– 189.8
Central Region13.436.6– 63.4– 103.1– 98.1– 5.1
Western Region– 48.4– 5.3– 813.2– 202.4– 102.3– 97.8
Markets & Airlines– 78.157.3n. a.– 527.8– 277.1– 90.5
All other segments32.55.7+ 470.274.626.0+ 186.9
TUI Group219.3287.0– 23.6141.8312.5– 54.6
EUR millionQ3 2019Q3 2018 
Var. %9M 20199M 2018 
Var. %
Hotels & Resorts118.996.9+ 22.7304.9318.4– 4.2
Cruises127.0107.4+ 18.2273.6234.5+ 16.7
Destination Experiences17.919.1– 6.311.59.5+ 21.1
Holiday Experiences263.8223.4+ 18.1590.0562.4+ 4.9
Northern Region– 44.724.1n. a.– 240.6– 81.3– 195.9
Central Region11.234.3– 67.3– 107.4– 105.1– 2.2
Western Region– 50.4– 7.1– 609.9– 208.3– 115.0– 81.1
Markets & Airlines– 83.951.3n. a.– 556.3– 301.4– 84.6
All other segments30.56.5+ 369.270.024.4+ 186.9
TUI Group210.4281.2– 25.2103.7285.4– 63.7
Discontinued operations41.4n. a.41.4n. a.
Total210.4322.6– 34.8103.7326.8– 68.3
 30 Jun 201930 Jun 2018 
Var. %
Hotels & Resorts29,36327,173+ 8.1
Cruises*349304+ 14.8
Destination Experiences9,8636,223+ 58.5
Holiday Experiences39,57533,700+ 17.4
Northern Region12,65212,537+ 0.9
Central Region10,65310,485+ 1.6
Western Region6,6206,614+ 0.1
Markets & Airlines29,92529,636+ 1.0
All other segments2,3473,296– 28.8
TUI Group71,84766,632+ 7.8

* Excludes TUI Cruises (JV) employees. Cruises employees are primarily hired by external crew management agencies.

Cautionary statement regarding forward-looking statements

The present Quarterly Statement contains various statements relating to TUI’s future development. These statements are based on assumptions and estimates. Although we are convinced that these forward-looking statements are realistic, they are not guarantees of future performance since our assumptions involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those anticipated. Such factors include market fluctuations, the development of world market prices for commodities and exchange rates or fundamental changes in the economic environment. TUI does not intend to and does not undertake any obligation to update any forward-looking statements in order to reflect events or developments after the date of this Statement.

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