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SkinBioTherapeutics plc

SkinBioTherapeutics Plc Technology, SkinBiotix®, Shows Positive Results

SkinBioTherapeutics plc (LON:SBTX), a life science company focused on skin health, announced today that the ‘cream’ formulation of its SkinBiotix® technology has passed effectiveness studies in models of skin. The cream formulation will now undergo further testing for stability in the coming weeks.

SkinBioTherapeutics’ platform, SkinBiotix®, utilises extracts of probiotic bacteria for application to the skin. The Company has shown in skin models that its technology can improve the skin’s barrier function (e.g. keep moisture in and protect skin from infection).

The cream has been formulated to contain SkinBioTherapeutics’ proprietary technology, SkinBiotix®. A crucial feature of the formulation phase is to test that the cream-SkinBiotix® combination retains the same beneficial properties as the original technology.

One important effect of SkinBiotix® in proof of concept studies was the increase of a specific skin protein essential to the barrier function of the skin. This effect was also shown when tested as a cream formulation. The data further showed a direct correlation between the amount of SkinBiotix® within the cream and the level of the protein present. Work on creating skin lotion and gel formulations is ongoing.

Dr Catherine O’Neill, CEO of SkinBioTherapeutics Plc, commented: “The incorporation of our SkInBiotix® technology into an effective cream formulation is a major milestone in the development of products for the cosmetic market and, subject to stability testing, allows us to create formulations for our human study later this year.”

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