Sativa Group Q&A: Medicinal cannabis controlled drug licence (NEX:SATI)

Sativa Group plc

Sativa Group (NEX:SATI) Chief Executive Officer Henry Lees-Buckley caught up with DirectorsTalk for an exclusive interview to discuss the controlled drug licence awarded by the Home Office.

Q1: A news release came out this morning announcing Sativa Group has been awarded a Home Office controlled drug licence, this sounds like an important step forward?

A1: It is, we’re delighted to be awarded the licence by the Home Office, this is a controlled drugs licence which allows us to cultivate, produce, process and supply THC-rich product for research.

The regulatory body, the government and the authorities are all calling for more research on the efficacy of medicinal cannabis and this licence help facilitate that research.

Q2: So, what do you do with this license?

A2: This is a very important step in our journey to support King’s College London’s medicinal cannabis research, that’s the partnership we have and we’ve had that standing for quite some time now, and this is a critical step in that process.

Their research is into airway information and disease and we’re looking into the affect of the strength and the ratio of CBD and THC to develop an effective medicine.

Q3: What does this all mean for the company?

A3: The Group has three business streams so we have the CBD wellness products that we talk a lot about, our PhytoVista CBD testing laboratory, we talk a lot about that, and then we have our medicinal cannabis business supporting the medicinal and veterinary spaces.

So, this is a critical business for us as we move forward and this licence will specifically help the medicinal business in conjunction with King’s College London, based on their research.

Q4: This all seems like quite an achievement?

A4: It is, we are very proud to be one of the very few organisations to be granted a licence so we’re excited to be working with the Home Office and King’s College London.

At Sativa Group, it’s no more complicated and I talk about it all the time, we take the highroad and make sure we operate at the very highest standards for all of our business whether it be CBD wellness, our laboratory or our medicinal cannabis business. So, no more complicated than that.

Our plan is and continues to be the UK’s leading CBD wellness and medicinal cannabis company, that’s as simple as it gets.

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