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Remote Monitored Systems Plc

Remote Monitored Systems successful pilot of mobile protective surveillance programme

Remote Monitored Systems plc (LON: RMS) has reported the following product launch by Cloudveil Ltd, which is wholly owned by the group. The full description is set out below.

Cloudveil is pleased to confirm that is has recently completed testing and successfully piloted its unique mobile protective surveillance programme (MPSP) with a new client, involved in FMCG manufacture and global distribution. The MPSP is designed to support and prevent any compromise to the integrity of high-value goods in transit, working closely with organisations’ supply chains. Feedback from the customer was extremely encouraging and Cloudveil is now pushing for further commercial adoption.

A year in development, the MPSP combines the deployment of specialist personnel with Cloudveil’s specified advanced technology, surveillance and communications equipment. High value cargo and cross border transport networks are vulnerable to wide ranging types of compromise and require a comprehensive protection programme.

Jonathan Thomas, Cloudveil’s Operations Director, a former member of the British Armed Forces, said: “Our starting point with MPSP was to develop a purely technology based system but through exhaustive scenario testing, it became clear that a combination of highly trained and highly skilled personnel deployed with suitably designed and developed equipment was the optimal way to ensure the integrity of our clients high-value goods in transit. We are delighted with the end product and the feedback from our pilot customer.”

Cloudveil believes that whilst technology solutions alone can provide monitoring and notification capabilities, there is no substitute for live reporting by properly trained and oriented surveillance operators. Cloudveil’s team is comprised of former members of UK Special Forces, who in this case were deployed for a commercial customer in response to a rapidly emerging threat profile. These individuals undergo specialist training as part of Cloudveil’s bespoke service and are capable of adapting rapidly to fluid situations. Control of risk is maintained and the client’s high value supply chain is protected. In this pilot project, a high value cargo at serious risk from identified malicious threats was moved across a continent at short notice, within schedule and without incident.

Cloudveil’s process driven approach, adaptable mindset and most importantly its people, produced a great result. Cloudveil continues to build on this pilot success and is now finalising a loss prevention programme managed and delivered through IRIS, Cloudveil’s’ existing bespoke Management Information platform. Jonathan Thomas said: “We at Cloudveil will always go further to explore better ways to manage risk through policy review, procedural growth, learning and development, improved training methods, new products and services, effective recruiting and of course technology solutions. These are all component parts of Cloudveil’s highly innovative approach to security risk management. We are pleased with the support shown to us by RMS as we developed the MPSP product and conducted the pilot.”

Trevor Brown, Executive Director of Remote Monitored Systems, commented, “The Board of RMS continues to be pleased with the trajectory of its most recent investment, Cloudveil. Whilst it is yet to make a material contribution to RMS’s overall performance, all the early signs are positive. We will continue to support and encourage the Cloudveil team, whilst we also focus on developing our exciting Gyrometric interest where we anticipate an inflection point in 2020.”

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