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Corero Network Security PLC Selected to Power New Cyber Security Service

Corero Network Security PLC (LON:CNS), the AIM listed network security company, has today announced that its SmartWall® Threat Defense System (“SmartWall”) technology has been selected to power a new ‘DDoS Mitigation’ service which is being launched by a leading North American regional Internet service provider (“the Provider”). 


This $300,000 competitor displacement order follows a successful proof-of-concept trial which saw the advanced capabilities of the SmartWall solution recognised in comparison to the Provider’s existing technology provider.


The Corero SmartWall solution mitigates DDoS attacks in real-time, unlike many of its competitors which can take up to 20 minutes or more to detect and successfully defeat an attack. 


The Provider’s ‘DDoS Mitigation’ security service will protect its customers from malicious DDoS  traffic launched from across the Internet, further supporting the Provider’s initiatives for competitive differentiation and customer satisfaction.


The Provider will use a range of Corero SmartWall products as well as:


·      SecureWatch® services (one year contract) – provides customers with support and maintenance of the SmartWall software and access to DDoS attack forensics and analytics, and


·      Corero Service Portal – a portal which enables providers to onboard customers, assign DDoS protection service levels and view attack dashboards for each customer to whom the service is provided. Protected customers can login to their own view, to access traffic and DDoS attack reporting and analytics, and understand the value of the DDoS protection they are receiving. 


SmartWall enables providers to expand their suite of services andincrease per customer service revenues.


Andrew Lloyd, Corero President and EVP Sales and Marketing, said: 

“This customer win reinforces our claim that SmartWall is the leading real-time DDoS mitigation solution. The order is also another example of SmartWall being deployed at a provider whose core network is built on Juniper Networks routing and switching network technology. We are also particularly pleased to be working with a service provider who, like Corero, prides itself on customer delight.”