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Altus Strategies plc

Altus Strategies Plc Directors increase holdings

Altus Strategies Plc (LON:ALS & TSX-V:ALTS), the Africa focused exploration project generator, announced today that the Company has been advised of the following share purchases by directors of the Company:



Shares purchased

Price per share (1)

Resultant beneficial shareholding

Holding as a percent of issued capital

Matthew Grainger (2)

Executive Director





Robert Milroy (3)

Non-Executive Director






1. Price per share may represent the aggregate weighted average price paid per share

2. Beneficial shareholding includes 720,000 Altus shares held by Anna Grainger

3. Held through Milroy Capital Limited, a company controlled by Robert Milroy

Altus Strategies Plc is a London and Toronto listed, diversified and Africa focused mineral exploration project generator. Through our subsidiaries we discover new projects and attract third party capital to fund their growth, development and ultimately exit optionality. This strategy enables Altus to remain focused on the acquisition of new opportunities to be fed into the project generation cycle and aims to minimise shareholder dilution. Our business model is designed to create a growing portfolio of well managed and high growth potential projects and royalties, diversified by commodity and by country. Altus currently has eighteen projects in six commodities across six countries. We aim to position our shareholders at the vanguard of value creation, but with significantly reduced risks traditionally associated with investments in the mineral exploration sector.