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Veltyco Group Plc

Veltyco Group plc Partnership agreement with Esports Radar

Veltyco Group plc (LON:VLTY), the online marketing company for the gaming industry, has today announced that the Group has entered into a partnership agreement with Esports Radar Ltd (“Esports”), a newly incorporated company in Malta, focusing on rolling out a new esports business.

Esports’ wholly owned subsidiary Esports.com Ltd (“Esports.com”) is a company incorporated by gamers who see the huge potential of the esport industry in relation to gaming, a view shared by the Board of Veltyco. The domain name www.esports.com is owned by Esports.com and will be used as the platform to build the business.

Esport is a form of competition facilitated by electronic systems, particularly video games on Playstation, Xbox and PC. Esports is a fast growing industry, with increasing attention globally. The goal of Esports.com is to build an online community that produces engaging and exclusive content aimed at esports enthusiasts, including an esports shop (for merchandise, hardware or in-game items), licensed esports betting and guides, tutorials and coaching lessons from users.

To underline its commitment to the esports industry and to cement its relationship with Esports.com as a company, Veltyco has subscribed for a minor interest in the share capital of Esports for a nominal consideration. Veltyco will use the Bet90 brand as the platform for the future operations of the partnership and for the marketing of Esports.com’s gaming products.

David Mathewson, Veltyco Group Chairman, commented: “We are continually looking for new strategic opportunities and the partnership with Esports allows us to further expand operations into new high growth markets.”

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