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UPDATED: Stores Accepting Electroneum on the rise.

The new crypto currency Electroneum (ETN) has been a huge success from the very beginning. More and more shops and businesses worldwide are joining the Electroneum Community and accepting ETN payments for their goods and services. From the good old fashioned Pizza to more obscure services such as agricultural import and export, technical diving and home security solutions.

Electroneum PaymentsThe company recently posted a plugin for WordPress WooCommerce on Github which many community members have now integrated into their websites. While the plugin is not final it does demonstrate how easy it is for vendors to confirm ETN payments without running a full node, using the Electroneum block explorer (http://blockexplorer.electroneum.com). ETN say the plugin is serhack’s code made to work with ETN coins and that they have now made several improvements to it. While it is still in beta the full release will be ready once they have moved from a cookie based system to a database system, which is currently in development.

Some details taken from the readme file:

== Description ==

An extension to WooCommerce for accepting Electroneum as payment in your store.

= Benefits =

* Accept payment directly into your personal ETN wallet.
* Accept payment in electroneum for physical and digital downloadable products.
* Add electroneum payments option to your existing online store with alternative main currency.
* Flexible exchange rate calculations fully managed via administrative settings.
* Zero fees and no commissions for electroneum payments processing from any third party.
* Automatic conversion to Electroneum via realtime exchange rate feed and calculations.
* Ability to set exchange rate calculation multiplier to compensate for any possible losses due to bank conversions and funds transfer fees.

== Installation ==

1. Install “Electroneum WooCommerce extension” wordpress plugin just like any other WordPress plugin.
2. Activate
3. Setup your electroneum-wallet-rpc and create offline / CLI wallet with view key
4. Add your electroneum-wallet-rpc host address and Electroneum address in the settings panel
5. Click “Enable this payment gateway”
6. Enjoy it!

If you have a store accepting ETN post your store link in the community forum for inclusion on the ETN store list.

Some examples of stores already accepting the currency:

Music: http://daverich.co.uk/
Web Design: https://codeandcreate.co.uk/
Sunglasses: https://blublocker.co.uk/
Hypnosis: https://i-can-help-you.com/
Gift Store: http://www.emeraldsgiftstore.com
Fitness: https://sportkinelabshop.be/
Energy Supply: http://optima-energiekonzepte.de/
Marketplace: https://etnmarketplace.org/
Marketplace: https://www.quorramarket.com/
Steam Engines: http://www.reliablesteam.com
Health Food: https://www.sellercart.in/
Cell Phone Wallpapers: https://www.kernthompson.com/shop/


Since this article was first published there have been several plugins made for store integration which take advantage of ETN’s Instant Payment System – check out the Electroneum profile for more info.

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