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Electroneum (ETN)

Electroneum (ETN) is a mobile-based cryptocurrency with an instant payment system that vendors can easily implement via a simple API. Electroneum aims to enable financial inclusion for millions of unbanked people across the world. ETN rewards users for their engagement and advocacy. This in turn acts as a catalyst to build a strong community on mobile and on the ground. ETN’s partnerships with mobile operators, vendors and freelancer services enables multiple opportunities to earn more of the currency and spend it, creating a sustainable ecosystem in territories across the globe.

ETN raised $40m from its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in November 2017, currently has more than two million registered users and has hundreds of people testing its new instant payment software system that allows anyone to buy and sell using ETN from a smartphone.


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Electroneum Coin

Electroneum can be traded on the following exchanges:













Please note that these exchanges are independent and not affiliated in any way with Electroneum Ltd.


You can now download the Electroneum Instant Payments gateway for WooCommerce, Magento and VirtueMart. It allows you to safely and securely start accepting Electroneum as payment on your WooCommerce-powered store.

Electroneum GUI Wallet:
Below is a handful of stores already accepting ETN.
Music: http://daverich.co.uk/
Web Design: https://codeandcreate.co.uk/
Sunglasses: https://blublocker.co.uk/
Hypnosis: https://i-can-help-you.com/
Gift Store: http://www.emeraldsgiftstore.com
Fitness: https://sportkinelabshop.be/
Energy Supply: http://optima-energiekonzepte.de/
Marketplace: https://etnmarketplace.org/
Marketplace: https://www.quorramarket.com/
Steam Engines: http://www.reliablesteam.com
Health Food: https://www.sellercart.in/
Cell Phone Wallpapers: https://www.kernthompson.com/shop/

Before you start mining Electroneum there are certain items to look for in mining pools which are should be similar from coin to coin. Below are a short glossery of terms (credit to coinbureau) which you should consider, but if you are serious about mining then you should look for a more detailed description of each feature.

Fees: The average mining pool will have fees around the 1% level, with fees topping out at 3% at some pools, while dipping to 0% at others. Obviously if you’re saving on fees you’re making more for yourself.

Server Location(s): The closer the servers are to you, the better your hash power will be, and the more profitable your mining efforts will be. While it’s possible to mine from servers located on another continent, it’s best if you stick to pools located in the same geographic region in which you’re located, whether that’s Asia, Europe or North America.

Trustworthy: The more established pools are generally considered trustworthy, but if you’re considering a new pool do some research to see if the community has found the pool to be trustworthy in properly crediting your account and in paying on time.

Payout Scheme: There are various payout schemes, with some more geared towards luck, and others based strictly on even sharing of rewards. Which you choose is a personal preference because over the long term it all evens out.

Pool Uptime: You should look for a pool with uptime as close to 100% as possible.

Minimum Payout: The lower this is the better, because it means you’ll get paid sooner. There’s nothing worse than having to mine for weeks and weeks before getting paid.

Pool Hash Power: This is subjective and you’ll have to make your own decision, but in general it’s better for the network if you choose a pool that controls just 25% or less of the network hash power. This helps decentralization and network security. You can certainly mine with the largest pools if you like, but its better for the network if you choose a smaller pool.

Poolin is the second largest Electroneum pool, with roughly 12% of the network hash power. Based in China, it also has a focus on ASIC rig mining. It also has a high mining fee of 2%. Payments are made once daily and there’s a minimum 100 ETN threshold for payments.

Spacepools is one of the oldest Electroneum mining pools previously hosted at http://pool.electroneum.space. With well over 1,000 miners controlling a bit less than 10% of the network hash rate. This has them finding a block roughly every hour. That said it has an ultra-low 0.1% mining fee. They also feature a 100 ETN minimum payout and global servers.

Fairhash – A Russian based pool, but has global servers. Like Spacepools they have just under 10% of the network hash rate, and tend to find a block roughly every hour or so. The mining fee is an average 1%, and they support mining directly to an exchange wallet.


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