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Sativa Investments PLC

Sativa Investments PLC investment George Botanicals launches cannabidiol (CBD) balm and flavoured MCT oils

Sativa Investments PLC (NEX: SATI) investee business, UK CBD manufacturer and distributor George Botanicals, has expanded its range of CBD products with the launch of a CBD balm, along with a range of MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oils in raspberry, chocolate & hazelnut, and black-forest gateau flavours which complement drinks including coffee, tea and soft drinks.

Demand for CBD products is growing fast as consumers seek the well-being effects of CBD which are believed to include relief for pain and anxiety. The human body is constantly producing cannabinoids, and these natural CBD products are thought to boost internal cannabinoids in a similar way as vitamin supplements. CBD products are manufactured using extracts from the flowers and leaves of the hemp plant and the products have no known adverse side effects.

The George Botanicals range, which extends to drops, capsules, edible gels and vapes, is sourced to be organic, vegan-friendly and gluten-free, with all merchandise tested at an on-site laboratory and fully compliant with industry standards.

The balm contains one per cent of CBD and is made primarily of organic ingredients including shea butter, cacao butter and vitamin E. It can be applied easily direct to skin to address problems such as rashes and joint aches including arthritis.

The 10ml MCT oils have a five per cent concentration of CBD and derive from coconut oil, making it easy to mix with beverages. Already very commonplace in the United States, MCT oils can also be placed under the tongue for an instant fruity flavour and fast absorption into the body.

George Thomas, Managing Director of George Botanicals, said:

“The team at George Botanicals is very excited to launch the balm and MCT oils as we enhance our product offering to cater for the needs of every customer type, with a strong focus on high quality and customer satisfaction.

“CBD has become increasingly popular in the past few months as customers become aware of its associated health and well-being benefits. At George Botanicals, we always ensure we keep up with demand and trends by developing our products in different and innovative formats, which can be incorporated into our customers’ daily routine.”

300mg Balm RRP £24.99.

10ml MCT oil RRP £29.99.

Available from www.georgebotanicals.com, high street stores and independent retailers.


Sativa Investments PLC looks for well-placed opportunities within the dynamic regulatory environment of the Medicinal Cannabis sector. The Company’s pan-European, end-to-end, seed to consumer investment strategy focuses on the production, testing and compliance, research and development, including pharmacology, commercialisation and sales and marketing of Medicinal Cannabis in jurisdictions where it is regulatorily permitted. Sativa has committed to an independent legal review prior to each investment to verify compliance with the prevailing regulatory environment.

The Company’s equity interest in an investment may range from a minority position, to a controlling interest, or to 100 per cent ownership. The ventures that Sativa acquires can either be public or private.

Sativa Investments has four investments to date including Canadian-based and dual-listed emerging global pharmaceutical company, Veritas Pharma Inc., Toronto-based Pharma-Tech company Rapid Dose Therapeutics Inc., which owns the patent-pending proprietary QuickStrip™ technology, UK-based CBD products provider George Botanicals, and PhytoVista Laboratories, a UK testing laboratory meeting the need for regulatory and batch testing of products such as CBD oil.