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Sativa Group launch of cannabinoid cannabigerol (CBG) hand cleanser

Sativa Group Plc [NEX:SATI], the UK’s leading quoted CBD wellness and medicinal cannabis Group, has commenced production of a cannabigerol (CBG) and alcohol-based hand cleanser in response to the increased need for hand sanitation as a result of Covid-19.

Existing research and commercially available products show evidence that CBG is an effective antibacterial agent and is also believed to be effective in combatting MRSA, one of the most common hospital superbugs.  As the Company continues its research, other formats may become available as we work with our supply chain to source all necessary raw materials.  The hand cleanser is expected to be available for sale in approximately ten days, subject to the Company receiving packaging and labelling as planned. 

George Thomas, Managing Director of Sativa subsidiary Goodbody Botanicals, said: “CBG has already proven itself as impactful in terms of combatting germs and, when coupled with alcohol, makes it an ideal hand cleanser.  We are pleased to be able to supply what, we hope, will be a tool in combatting the spread of this virus.”  

“The UK and the world is facing a health crisis and at Sativa, while we are continuing focus on making the highest quality products and building the UK’s leading CBD Wellness brands, we have prioritized new product development to help people in this period”, said Henry Lees-Buckley, CEO of the Sativa Group.  

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