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PowerHouse Energy Group plc

Powerhouse Enrgy Group Plc G3-UHt Demonstration Update

PowerHouse Energy Group plc (LON:PHE), the company focused on ultra high temperature gasification waste-to-hydrogen, waste-to-energy, and the creator of Distributed Modular Gasification© (DMG) systems, has today announced that after the recent successful re-commissioning and high-temperature operation of the Company’s G3-UHt DMG module (the “Unit”), the Company has commenced a programme of demonstrations of the technology, testing of various feed stocks and operational parameters, and in-depth analysis of the synthesis gas (syngas) constituents.

It is expected that the demonstrator Unit at Thornton Science Park will be run for an extended period during August in anticipation of a full week of operation in September. During these operational segments the engineering and development teams will be collecting data from a variety of sources integrated throughout the Unit. Subsequent to operation the Unit will be thoroughly inspected and all relevant data reviewed.

Concurrent with the regular operation of the demonstrator Unit, collected data will be fed into process models for the basis of design for the first commercial unit to be constructed. The engineering team has begun this design effort.

It is anticipated that public demonstrations for interested parties, including investors, will be held in September and the Company will provide further details in due course.

David Ryan, Powerhouse Executive Director of Programme Development and responsible for overseeing all Company activities at Thornton Science Park, said: “This is the beginning of an exciting time for PowerHouse. We now have the tools, the talent, and the G3-UHt in operation to allow us to develop DMG into a commercial reality. We are taking a thoughtful and conservative approach to getting the full-scale design right first time. This will save us development time and cost in the long run.

“This cannot mean reducing effort, indeed, we are growing the team to facilitate 24/7 operations in the near term.”

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