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PowerHouse Energy Group plc

Powerhouse Energy Group Successful re-commissioning of G3-UHt unit

PowerHouse Energy Group plc (LON:PHE), the company focused on ultra high temperature gasification waste to energy systems, is delighted to announce that the first phase of the re-commissioning of the Company’s G3-UHt unit has been completed, with the successful production of gas (“syngas”) from the system. The G3-UHt unit operated at a temperature of over 1000 degrees Celcius, demonstrating its capacity to gasify any historically difficult waste material and generate synthesis gas.

As previously announced, the G3-UHt will now be moved to the Thornton Science Park, operated by the University of Chester, with PowerHouse establishing its offices at the Energy Centre of the Park immediately thereafter.

The re-commissioning effort has been assisted by OrePro pty Ltd of Brisbane, Australia, EngSolv Ltd of Wales, and Waste2tricity, Ltd and has allowed the Company to begin commercial development enhancements, automation of the control systems, and commence the rigorous process of a Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP) and a Hazard Identification Study (HAZID). Upon successful completion, the Company will gain the British Health Safety & Environmental certifications necessary to operate the unit at the Thornton Science Park at full capacity.

The Company anticipates that several external cosmetic improvements will be made to the G3-UHt unit over the coming period and will continue the development of its automation processes at its new facility on the Science Park. Rather than operate from a container, as previously anticipated, PowerHouse has negotiated a two year lease of a purpose-built emission laboratory / test facility at Thornton, where the G3-UHt unit will be installed.

Keith Allaun, Executive Chairman of PowerHouse Energy Group plc, said: “This is the day the team has been working on for nearly two years. The successful re-commissioning of the G3-UHt unit, here in the UK, represents the starting point of our journey to commercialisation. Our relationship with the engineering department at the University of Chester continues to expand and strengthen, and the support of the Thornton Science Park has been extraordinary.

“I couldn’t have imagined a more ideal, and synergistic, relationship with the University. Our mutual interests in Thermal Molecular Conversion at ultra-high temperatures provide a research platform for the expansion of the University’s curriculum, and the development of a graduate research program utilising the G3-UHt platform.”

David Ryan, Executive Director, Programme Development of PowerHouse said: “I’m gratified by the incredible work our team has put in over the past 26 days to hit this milestone. I want to thank the extended team of chemical, electrical, mechanical, and process engineers which has worked hand-in-glove with the fitters, welders, and other support personnel – including our 24/7 former-Gurkha guard unit protecting the equipment – allowing us to succeed in this endeavour. I look forward to updating investors on our progress in the coming months.”

Separately, the Company has been invited to join the North West Hydrogen Hub, whose members include companies such as Peel Environmental, Linde Group (BOC,) Ineos, AFC Energy, and the Thornton Science Park, to explore how Distributed Modular Gasification© (DMG) can be a key to unlocking the distributed Hydrogen Economy.

The Company anticipates conducting interested party and investor visits to the Thornton Science Park to view the unit in operation at an appropriate time in the near future.