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Microsaic Systems plc

Microsaic Systems plc Deepens Collaboration with Chinese Partner

Microsaic Systems plc (LON: MSYS), the developer of point of need mass spectrometry instruments, has today announced that its Chinese partner, Unimicro Technologies Inc., has completed further integrations of Microsaic’s technology with Unimicro’s separation technology.

Last year, Unimicro launched its micro capillary electrophoresis equipment, integrated with Microsaic’s unique small footprint MS. Typically a high-end technique, Unimicro’s combined system brings protein characterisation to the bench chemist, in markets such as academia, pharmaceuticals and contract research organisations.

In March 2019, Unimicro announced that it has released the first in a series of micro-Liquid Chromatography products, again integrated with Microsaic’s technology. This will extend Unimicro’s reach in China with micro LC-MS systems, a technique which has wide adoption in chemical and biological analysis, but which brings ease of use, a very small footprint, and large savings on solvent use to the end user. Further, the technique is ideally suited to high-value product purification, where there may be very little of the desired active compound.

Glenn Tracey, CEO of Microsaic Systems plc, commented

“I am very pleased with the progress between our two companies. Unimicro has consistently demonstrated its product innovation, with a clear vision of addressing the emerging needs in one of the world’s most progressive economies. We are very excited as Unimicro continues to expand its product range, which integrates with our MS technology. Furthermore, we are looking forward to receiving one of Unimicro’s PhD placements at our facility later in the year to work on joint applications and continue our spirit of collaboration.”

Recently, Microsaic published its annual results for the year ending 2018, which showed a year on year doubling of unit sales, and with revenues up 69%. The Board believes that 2019 will be a year of significant growth in revenues, driven by the globally diverse partnerships signed in 2018, and the continued business development with new partners during 2019. Microsaic now has nine partners globally, including OEMs and distributors, and increasing interest in the far east, where innovative detection technology is particularly sought.

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