Intertek Group launches Intertek CarbonZero programme

Climate change

Intertek Group plc (LON:ITRK), a Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, has launched Intertek CarbonZeroTM, an independent and traceable carbon neutral certification programme for products and services.

The new Intertek CarbonZero programme complements the previously launched Intertek CarbonClear programme, an independent carbon emissions intensity certification verifying actual emissions incurred per unit produced, and standardized by industry.  Intertek CarbonZero certifies the achievement of carbon neutrality by combining emissions intensity certifications such as CarbonClear, together with certification of traceable high-quality carbon capture or reduction investments.  Intertek CarbonZero certification enables companies worldwide to confidently market qualifying carbon neutral products and services as Intertek CarbonZero Verified, demonstrating tangible and auditable progress on the path to carbon neutrality.

Intertek awarded the first CarbonClear certification in 2020 to Lundin Energy, one of the world’s leading independent oil and gas exploration companies, for its Edvard Grieg field in the Norwegian North Sea. Today, Intertek announces award of the first Intertek CarbonZero certification to Lundin Energy, for the verified carbon neutral sale of 600,000 barrels of Edvard Grieg production.  This sale will carry the Intertek CarbonZero Verified mark and details of this and all traceable certifications are publicly listed for investors, traders, regulators, and other stakeholders on Intertek’s Global Sustainability Directory.

Nick Walker, President and Chief Executive Officer of Lundin Energy, said “We were the first energy company to have one of its field’s carbon emissions independently certified as low carbon, and the Intertek CarbonZero certification is the next stage on our journey to carbon neutrality from 2025 from operational emissions. By certifying the carbon neutrality of this trade, Intertek CarbonZero will enable us to reach the next stage in differentiating our leading decarbonisation strategy and building a market for low and net zero carbon produced oil and gas. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Intertek, as we drive towards all oil and gas produced by Lundin Energy being carbon neutral from 2025.”

André Lacroix, Chief Executive Officer said: “Sustainability is the movement of our time, and Intertek continues to be a trusted partner to companies around the world as they navigate the path to net zero.  Intertek CarbonZero addresses a critical need for all stakeholders, ensuring the certainty and credibility of a company’s journey toward carbon neutrality by delivering independent verification and traceable certification of carbon neutral products and services. Intertek is uniquely positioned, through Intertek CarbonClear and Intertek CarbonZero, to help companies Build Back Ever Better and achieve the next level of commitment, performance, and transparency in their sustainability practices.”

Sustainability-conscious companies are investing in technologies, processes, and applications to drive structural and market-leading reductions in carbon emissions across their value chain. Continuing the drive towards innovative solutions following the launch of Intertek CarbonClear in 2020, Intertek CarbonZero allows companies to demonstrate their end-to-end commitment to carbon neutrality.

To learn more, or to participate in Intertek Group’s CarbonZero or CarbonClear programmes, please visit and

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