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International Consolidated Airlns Grp SA

International Consoliadated Airlines traffic in October increased by 4.8%

International Consolidated Airlines (LON:IAG) traffic in October, measured in revenue passenger kilometres, increased by 4.8 per cent versus the same period last year; IAG capacity measured in available seat kilometres increased by 2.7 per cent versus the same period last year.

Group performanceMonth of OctoberYear to date
Passengers carried (‘000s)10,36410,0283.40%100,81296,2694.70%
North America1,1621,1233.50%10,69810,2854.00%
Latin America & Caribbean52746812.60%5,2314,38619.30%
Africa, Middle East & S,Asia5134885.10%5,0994,9523.00%
Asia Pacific2162064.90%2,0871,9188.80%
Revenue passenger km (m)24,97523,8314.80%241,582228,8755.60%
North America7,6367,4173.00%70,58168,3643.20%
Latin America & Caribbean4,4183,91013.00%43,45837,42016.10%
Africa, Middle East & S,Asia2,6452,5961.90%27,11126,5432.10%
Asia Pacific2,0751,9745.10%20,00519,0864.80%
Available seat km (m)29,37028,5922.70%285,119272,9364.50%
North America8,9288,8341.10%83,85182,6301.50%
Latin America & Caribbean5,1584,7299.10%50,25543,84114.60%
Africa, Middle East & S,Asia3,2473,1513.00%32,68032,1791.60%
Asia Pacific2,3922,3203.10%23,33422,3884.20%
Passenger load factor (%)8583.3+1.7 pts84.783.9+0.8 pts
Domestic87.385.6+1.7 pts87.785.4+2.3 pts
Europe84.482.3+2.1 pts83.884-0.2 pts
North America85.584+1.5 pts84.282.7+1.5 pts
Latin America & Caribbean85.782.7+3.0 pts86.585.4+1.1 pts
Africa, Middle East & S,Asia81.582.4-0.9 pts83.082.5+0.5 pts
Asia Pacific86.785.1+1.6 pts85.785.3+0.4 pts
Cargo tonne km (m)487517-5.80%4,6374,707-1.50%

Strategic developments

On October 10th, International Consolidated Airlines Group announced that it will be the first airline group worldwide to commit to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050.  From January 2020, British Airways will become the first UK airline to offset carbon emissions on all its domestic flights. Customers’ carbon emissions will be offset by the airline and invested in carbon reduction projects around the world.