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Foresight Solar Fund Restructure Investment Management Arrangements

Foresight Solar Fund (LON:FSFL) announced today that, following an internal restructuring at Foresight Group, Foresight Group LLP has replaced Foresight Group CI Limited as investment manager to FSFL.

Foresight CI appointed Foresight, an English law incorporated limited liability partnership that is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, as investment advisor to provide investment management services to Foresight CI in respect of the Company.

The investment advisory arrangement that Foresight Solar Fund had in place with Foresight CI has now been novated, amended and restated and the Company has now entered into an investment management agreement directly with Foresight. The material terms and fees contained in the New Investment Management Agreement are the same as in the previous investment management agreement with Foresight CI. The team members providing investment management services to the Company will not change as a result of this restructuring.

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