Versarien plc Strengthens Range with Launch of Hexotene

Versarien plc

Versarien plc (LON:VRS), the advanced materials engineering group, has today announced the formal launch of Hexotene, strengthening Versarien’s range of commercially available 2D materials.

Hexotene is a few layer hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) nanoplatelet powder with large lateral dimensions. Also known as “white graphene”, hexagonal boron nitride has a layered structure similar to graphite. With high chemical purity and mono-layer particles confirmed, Hexotene is the latest addition to Versarien’s high performance 2D material product range.

Some of the key properties of Hexotene include:

· High thermal stability

· High thermal conductivity

· Low electrical conductivity

· Absorbs very high energy ultra violet light

· Resistant to many chemicals and solvents

· High mechanical strength despite being “soft”

Hexotene offers exceptional benefits in a range of potential applications, including:

· As a high-performance additive in lubricants, where heat removal and electrical insulation are paramount

· It can be included in ceramics, alloys, resins, plastics and rubbers to improve insulating properties

· In electronics, oxygen sensors, xerographic processes and laser printing

· In proton conductors, fuel cells and water electrolysis

· For thermofluid and thermal management applications

This new material adds to the range of existing 2D materials commercially available from Versarien, including Nanene, a high purity, low defect graphene and Graphinks, a range of conductive inks. The range is further supported by few layer graphene and graphene oxide powders suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

Commenting, Neill Ricketts, CEO of Versarien plc stated: “The introduction of Hexotene into our stable of 2D materials widens the focus of Versarien in delivering innovative solutions for industry.

“The characteristics of Hexotene, specifically with regard to electrical conductivity, show some markedly different properties to graphene. This is particularly promising for combined projects using both graphene and boron nitride.

“The vast number of potential applications this material has to offer, makes it an exciting addition to our existing range of 2D materials.”

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