Symphony Environmental announce new orders of d2p “AI” anti-insect technology

Symphony Environmental Technologies

Symphony Environmental Technologies plc (LON:SYM), global specialists in technologies that make plastic and rubber products smarter, safer and more sustainable, have announced new orders and a global expansion of their d2p “AI” anti-insect technology sales to Rivulis Irrigation Ltd.

Rivulis has placed orders for d2p AI exceeding $340,000 this month which follows sales in 2021 of $65,000 which doubled to $130,000 during H1 2022.

Symphony’s collaboration with Rivulis started in December 2017 after Symphony’s R&D department had created a masterbatch with anti-insect properties which could be put into plastic products at the point of manufacture. Since then, Symphony’s technical team has supported Rivulis in the development of a unique range of irrigation pipes for farmers and growers.

Plastic irrigation pipes and drip-tapes are a very effective way to deliver water to growing plants, but valuable water was being lost because insects were puncturing the pipes.  By incorporating d2p AI into its products, Rivulis has significantly reduced the damage caused by insects, and consequently the amount of water being lost – an especially valuable benefit in dry areas of the world.

Rivulis ( is a world leader in drip irrigation products and solutions. Established in 1966, Rivulis has a strong global presence, including 16 manufacturing facilities with 2,300 employees, plus three R&D centres (in Israel, Greece and California). Having conducted field trials across several countries, with positive results, Rivulis have placed a number of orders with Symphony for d2p AI for use in irrigation systems in France, Turkey, Australia and Mexico. They have incorporated d2p AI technology into their Rivulis and Eurodrip product ranges and it is sold under the trade name Rivulis Defend.

Symphony expect Rivulis will place further orders for d2p AI before the end of this year. 

Symphony Environmental’s CEO, Michael Laurier, said “We are excited by this commercial progress, following an extensive development period. Our technical teams have worked together to bring this unique and valuable product to the market. The preservation and good management of water is essential, and we believe that sales of our d2p AI technology will continue to increase in both the short and longer term.  Our d2p AI technology can be used not only in water pipes, but in any plastic articles and surfaces in homes, schools etc. to defend against insects, many of which can spread dangerous diseases. We are proud that this new technology will help countries around the world to meet one of the important UN Sustainable Development Goals – the “sustainable management of water.”

Rivulis President, Drip Products and Projects Division, Eran Ossmy, said “With Rivulis Defend, we not only help growers address the challenge of insect damage but also realise labour, water and fertiliser savings. Rivulis Defend reflects our commitment to developing field-trusted innovation to address unique grower needs. We are pleased with the technical support we have received from Symphony.”

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