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Pelatro PLC Q&A with CEO Subash Menon (LON:PTRO)

Pelatro PLC ORD 2.5P (LON:PTRO) Chief Executive Officer Subash Menon caught up with DirectorsTalk for an exclusive interview to discuss their successful listing on AIM


Q1: First off, congratulations on successfully listing on AIM. Can you explain to us what the company does?

A1: Pelatro is a software company providing precision marketing solutions for telecom operators to help them to improve their marketing capabilities.


Q2: Your mViva precision marketing tool is core to your business but what does it do?

A2: So, what is does is it’s a big analytics platform which looks at all the transactions that go on in the network so all the activities, all the transactions of every subscriber out there. So, we look at it as a per subscriber basis and then we generate profiles of each subscriber to understand their behaviour, their likes and dislikes, what will be of interest to them, what different products will be of interest to them from the telco’s table. And then the product, sends out appropriate campaigns to these subscribers to increase their take up or usage of the different products of the telco’s resulting in higher revenue and higher profits for the telco’s.


Q3: How do you expect industry trends to benefit you?

A3: There is a paradigm shift happening in the industry and we believe that the telco industry is moving away from being product centric to being customer centric, so they have to in such as having a set of products and focus on the products, they have to actually understand the subscribers. We call it the ‘segment of one’ approach where we understand each subscriber differently and then offer products which are appropriate for each of those subscribers. So, in this move, the most critical is understanding and providing the subscribers because only then will they be able to send out appropriate offers and products to them.

So, this industry trends is absolutely in line with what are envisaging with regards to precision marketing which is going down to the segment of one and marketing. That’s why we believe that our product is very current and very appropriate for the way things are shaping up in the industry.


Q4: Now, you run an international business, why did you choose to list on the AIM market in London?

A4: We looked at a market which is technology-savvy and one of the reasons for our listing itself is to get credibility to the organisation, that’s really what we looked at apart from the fact of course it’s a deep market there in investors, the size of the market is large enough, things like that. So, it’s really about credibility attached to the London market which are hoping to benefit from in the long run.


Q5: How do you view the future for Pelatro?

A5: I believe that we’ve got a product which is absolutely stellar, we have competed with very large players, we have replaced their solutions in various telco’s so that the telecom industry has welcomed our product quite significantly. We believe that the product itself has been very attractive to the telco’s, so the future is going be quite bright, we would hopefully become the global leader at one point in time, over the next few years. That’s our objective, to be the global leader in campaign management space over the next few years.

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