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NB Global Floating Rate Income Fund

NB Global Floating Rate Income Fund Portfolio Update

The NB Global Floating Rate Income Fund Limited (LON: NBLS) targets income generation whilst seeking to preserve investors’ capital and give protection against rising interest rates.

The Fund’s managers seek to generate this yield by investing in a global portfolio of below investment grade senior secured corporate loans with selective use of senior secured bonds, diversified by both borrower and industry. The Fund is managed by four experienced portfolio managers backed by what we believe to be one of the largest and most experienced credit teams in the industry.

Key statistics, as at 31st October 2019:

NAVGBP 93.28
 USD 96.03
Current Portfolio Yield*5.60%
Number of Investments266
Number of Issuers209

The Portfolio, as at 31st October 2019 (excluding cash):

· was split 94.02% USD, 4.51% EUR, 1.47% GBP

· had 5.49% allocated to bonds out of the maximum 20% allowable

· was invested primarily in B (64.80%) and BBB/BB (30.79%) rated investments1

  1. Source: Standard & Poor’s

*The Fund’s Current Portfolio Yield is a market-value weighted average of the current yields of the holdings in the portfolio, calculated as the coupon (base rate plus spread) divided by current price. The calculation does not take into account any fees, fund expenses or sales charges paid, which would reduce the results. The Current Yield for the Fund will fluctuate from month to month. The Current Yield should be regarded as an estimate of the Fund’s rate of investment income, and it may not equal the realized distribution rate for each share class. You should consult the Fund’s prospectus for additional information about the Fund’s dividends and distributions policy. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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