MYCELX annual report 2021 delights Chairman Tom Lamb

MYCELX Technologies Corporation

MYCELX Technologies Corporation (LON:MYX or MYXR), the clean water and clean air technology company transforming the environmental impact of industry, published on 13th June 2022 on their website the Company’s 2021 Annual Report.

Please find below Chairman Tom Lamb’s statement. The full report is attached below. 

Chairman’s statement

“I am pleased to address our shareholders, and all stakeholders, following my first year as Chairman of your Company. MYCELX today is in a strong position, and strategically well placed to capitalise on the growing demand for innovative technology, which is designed with the clear intention of helping the world mitigate the environmental impact of industry. We are leaders in this field and are supporting compliance across multiple industries and geographies”.

Throughout 2021, MYCELX continued to successfully navigate the challenges presented by the global pandemic. The Company maintained its focus on ensuring the welfare of its staff and serving its customers, and was pleased to witness the gradual easing of COVIDrelated restrictions.

Whilst the pandemic continued to bring uncertainty throughout the year, operations did improve in the second half of 2021. A more stable oil price benefitted the Company’s core business which focusses primarily on supporting the energy industry’s clean production initiatives. This energy market strength, along with the Company’s efforts, helped MYCELX achieve both new contracts and the extension of existing contracts across multiple core geographies.

The need for improved environmental stewardship has never been more important. This was made clear at the recent United Nations Climate Conference in the U.K., as well as with the burgeoning adoption of Environmental, Sustainability and Governance (‘ESG’) initiatives by companies around the globe. MYCELX is uniquely placed to help its industrial clients fulfil their commitments to more environmentally sustainable processes and effective remediation of contaminated water. The Company continues its commitment to driving the global green economy and was designated with the award of the London Stock Exchange’s Green Economy Mark, which recognises our achievement in ESG initiatives. This environmental focus remains the cornerstone of our offering, which allows MYCELX to be a force for global sustainability, and it also presents attractive commercial growth opportunities.

The PFAS remediation market represents a material opportunity for MYCELX, and you will read in the report the significant progress that has been made to accelerate commercialisation of our PFAS offering. PFAS, which stands for perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl compounds, are a collection of longlasting man-made toxic chemicals, which present a threat to the environment and human health. The Company estimates the annual PFAS remediation cost in the United States alone to be in excess of US$8bn and growing as contaminated sites continue to be identified.


Our outlook is encouraging on multiple fronts. The PFAS remediation market is a significant growth opportunity for MYCELX, providing real environmental and health benefits deploying our effective and efficient technology. In our traditional energy markets, today’s high oil price bodes well for the completion of new commercial agreements with both existing and new international customers, and we are optimistic that the resurgence in bidding activity will support strong performance in 2022 and beyond. Our REGEN offering is also expected to play an important role as we grow within the Enhanced Oil Recovery market of the energy sector. We continue to focus on taking advantage of these attractive market opportunities. On behalf of the Board, I would like to thank our shareholders for their continued support. In addition, our team have worked tirelessly through a challenging time to advance the Company’s initiatives, and I would like to thank them for their dedication and professionalism. I look forward to keeping you updated on our progress throughout the year.

Chief Executive, Connie Mixon, was equally optimistic about the future outlook: “Following the uptick in bidding activity that we witnessed last year, coupled with the strict capital controls in place and the successfully executed fundraise, MYCELX is well placed to capitalise new, large market applications with ambitious growth targets. With industry’s increased focus on mitigating environmental impact, MYCELX’s proven technology has never been more relevant in the fight for clean water and air. We are excited about what the future holds and look forward to updating all our stakeholders on future corporate developments as appropriate

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