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Maestrano wins new paid pilot project in Japan

Maestrano Group (LON:MNO), the Artificial Intelligence platform for transport corridor analytics, has today announced the commencement of a new paid pilot project in Japan, won by its recently acquired subsidiary, Airsight.

The initial purchase order, from Nagoya Railroad Co Ltd, covers a two month pilot, to capture and analyse data from a section of railway track in Nagoya, Japan.  Imagery from LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) and high resolution video will be processed by the Airsight Corridor.ai deep machine learning platform, to automatically detect defects in the overhead powerlines, gantries and signals.

Nagoya Railroad Co Ltd, referred to as Meitetsu, is a private company operating around Japan’s Aichi  and Gifu Prefectures.  Nagoya is the capital of Aichi Prefecture and is Japan’s fourth largest incorporated city, and third most-populous urban area. http://www.meitetsu.jp/ 

The paid pilot follows an earlier trial as referred to in the Shareholder Circular of 15 October 2019. Upon successful completion of the pilot, Meitetsu intends to extend the duration and scope of the project.

Nick Smith, co-founder of Airsight and now Vice President Sales for Maestrano, said,

“We are proud and delighted to be commencing this project with Meitetsu. This is the first international validation of our Corridor.ai technology and the result of our long-term commitment to the Japan railway industry.  Japan is today the largest market for our LiDAR products and we believe has the potential to be a major market for our AI platform.”

Andrew Pearson, CEO of Maestrano Group, commented:

“Japan has arguably the most sophisticated and advanced rail infrastructure in the world.  We believe that success here will help to raise our profile in the global rail asset management industry and position Corridor.ai as the world’s leading automated defect detection and management platform.”

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