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Golden Saint Technologies

Golden Saint Technologies Q&A with Managing Director Pierre Fourie (LON:GST)

Golden Saint Technologies (LON:GST) Managing Director Pierre Fourie caught up with DirectorsTalk for an exclusive interview to discuss the significance of their latest RNS, the suite of services offered by GST, more similar sized contracts and improving potential business opportunities.


Q1: First off, congratulations on today’s announcement. Can you explain for us what this means for GST?

A1: It’s indeed a big milestone for us, we want to show organic growth and it shows us now that we’re playing in a bigger league as a company and clients are now trusting us to take on larger scale projects. We were hoping that with the listing and the credibility that that would then lead to bigger projects and clients trusting with us with bigger projects, more work, more responsibility. So, it is indeed exciting for us.


Q2: What will this do for your full-year figures for 2019?

A2: Well, I’m not going to give you a forecast, you’ll have to ask the analysts, but you can see from our last financial year, our turnover was at around the $350,000 mark, this is 3 times that so 3 times the monthly turnover.

I’ll let you make the sums but monthly that’s what we’re looking at, so analysts can make some forecasts there.


Q3: Can you run us through the suite of services that are now offered by Golden Saint Technologies?

A3: As you can see from the announcement, we build data centres and that means everything from the security, CCTV, the cage, the racks, the servers, we do elevated floors so except for the bricks and mortar, we build data centres in their entirety.

We also do smart buildings so everything that’s required to make a building smart, the WIFI, the CCTV, all the sensors, we do the monitoring and management as well. Recently, you would have read in the press, we signed an agreement with P2 Wireless which means that we can also supply what they call smart virtual fibre which is basically WIFI approaching the speed of a physical fibre optic line. This is without having to dig, without having to disrupt on goings, it’s quick to install and the latest kind of software that intelligently directs traffic and give everybody faster internet based on what they’re actually browsing, if they’re watching a move or they’re just checking the GST ticker.


Q4: This contract is worth almost a quarter of last year’s revenue, can the market expect more similar sized contracts do you think?

A4: Well, I’m not going to commit to actually delivering more but we definitely are looking at more of these contracts. If you look at our back yard, Singapore where our core business is, the market is growing quite rapidly and you see Facebook putting up a $1 billion data centre and Google is putting up their third one. There’s other international data centre companies that are looking at Asia, and specifically Singapore because of its good infrastructure, good enforced laws so the safety of the data is also important.

So, without making any commitments, I think the writing is on the wall.


Q5: I think you touched on this earlier but has the credibility of listing on the LSE improved potential business opportunities?

A5: It certainly has. I think not only do you get the prestige, but you do get a level of credibility because of the rules you have to follow and additional checks and balances with our non-execs becoming involved.

So, as a company, the whole profile changes, Golden Saint Technologies implemented, just before we listed, some series of additional internal controls, so you can see that what we deliver to the client is definitely of a much higher standard than when you’re a smaller private company.

So, I think this will lead then to clients with bigger projects trusting us, we have access to capital through the stock exchange and they know if they trust us with these kinds of projects we can deliver, we will be able to have the capital to employ additional people, do proper project management and deliver on time and within budget.