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Frenkel Topping Group (LON: FEN), a specialist independent financial advisor and asset manager focused on asset protection for vulnerable clients, has today announced that today, it is hosting a Deputy Day conference on the subject of financial abuse. The conference, hosted by the Company for a decade, brings together some of the country’s leading Deputies who will be discussing updates from the Office of the Public Guardian and Court of Protection and cases of financial abuse. A Deputy is appointed by the Court of Protection to be legally responsible for an individual who lacks capacity to make decisions for themselves where there is no power of attorney.

The conference will be chaired by Paul Lewis, a presenter of Money Box and Radio 4 and the speakers include leading Court of Protection specialists including Her Honour Judge Carolyn Hilder, Senior Judge of the Court of Protection and Paul Tregoning, Deputy Head of Policy and Practice at the Office of the Public Guardian. Mark Holt, Managing Director of Frenkel Topping will be speaking on providing appropriate financial advice to individuals under the Court of Protection and with personal injuries.

No new material information or update on current trading will be disclosed during the event.

Richard Fraser, Chief Executive Officer of Frenkel Topping Group said:

“Today’s conference is part of our campaign to raise awareness of the devasting effects of financial abuse which can take many guises – partners, carers, friends and family members. We, at Frenkel Topping, support the government’s recent move to recognise financial abuse under UK domestic violence law and see this as an important step to help protect those who are the most vulnerable in our society.”

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