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Elegant Hotels Group Plc

Elegant Hotels Group plc Grant of Share Options

Elegant Hotels Group plc (LON:EHG), the owner and operator of seven upscale freehold hotels and a beachfront restaurant on the island of Barbados, announced today that it has approved the grant of a tranche of share options (the “Options”) to subscribe for ordinary shares of 1 pence each (the “Ordinary Shares”) in the Company, pursuant to the Elegant Hotels Long Term Incentive Plan and the Elegant Hotels non-employee Long Term Incentive Plan (together the “LTIPs”), details of which are outlined in the Elegant Hotels admission document dated 11 May 2015 (the “Admission Document”).

A total of 947,945 Options will be granted on the terms of the LTIPs, of which 533,748 Options will be issued to certain directors and 414,197 will be issued to the senior management team.

The vesting date of the Options will be at the end of the performance period once the Remuneration Committee has determined the extent to which performance criteria have been met, with the performance period ending on 30 September 2019. Performance criteria required for the Options to become exercisable have been set by the Remuneration Committee and are based on a combination of total shareholder return and earnings growth targets.

Following the grant of these Options, the directors who are receiving options will hold the following:

Director Current Options Options Granted Total Options
Sunil Chatrani 786,777 246,448 1,033,225
Jeff Singleton N/A 180,728 180,728
Simon Sherwood 501,791 106,572 608,363

In addition, Elegant Hotels Group plc CEO Sunil Chatrani holds 1,849,389 Ordinary Shares and Simon Sherwood holds 1,872,028 Ordinary Shares.

Following grant of the Options, a total of 3,848,804 options over Ordinary Shares are outstanding, representing approximately 4.3% of the current undiluted issued shared share capital of the Company (88,815,789).

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