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Electroneum Confirm First of Four MOU’s Signed as Effortel, more in pipeline

Electroneum have this evening announced a Quick update on its routes to market for growing the Brand into 2018.

For mobile operators Electroneum delivers great potential to create substantial viral growth across global networks, creating new, revenue streams to boost ARPU and market growth.

At the time of writing this we have at least 4 MOUs (MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING) signed, and more in the pipeline, one of which is now ready for announcement… Effortel.

Electroneum & Effortel

Effortel Awards

Effortel is a Tier-1 Mobile Virtual Network Enabler, headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. Effortel develops, deploys and runs MVNOs for large non-telecom companies such as retail chains, post companies, ISPs and banks. Carrefour, Total, Equity Bank, Israel Post and mobile operators like Vodafone Italy and Globe are among Effortel’s MVNO clients. Effortel provides full autonomous enablement stack for its MVNOs, including signalling, OCS, IN, full suite of OSS and BSS and managed service. Effortel also runs its own MVNOs and thus, differently from other vendors, has deep expertise in the business aspects of MVNOs. Effortel’s unique turn key MVNE solution is cloud based and is hosted in Brussels. Today, more than 5 million subscribers from Belgium, Italy, Taiwan, Kenya and Russia are managed by Effortel.


We’ll be releasing more details of Electroneum’s upcoming partnerships over the coming weeks. ranging from travel to payment processing. The opportunities are endless for Electroneum!

Thanks to all the believers, we are totally buoyed by your unwavering support! We appreciate your understanding of our long term strategy and how much importance we are placing on creating a truly robust and meaningful strategy for growth.

Have a great weekend!

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