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Electroneum: A series of world firsts for the company and cryptocurrency

Whilst 2018 has remained bearish throughout, it’s been an important year of preparation for regulators and big business.

Real mass adoption is possible with credibility and acceptance, both of which Electroneum have made large forward strides on this year.

KYC and AML compliance is just one example of the many new initiatives the company launched in 2018, getting them closer to mass adoption by giving governments of the world a cryptocurrency they can embrace without fear.

Below we have recapped some the ‘world first’ achievements since its launch just over a year ago, some of which have enabled them to become the fastest growing cryptocurrency in history!

  • 1st to attract over 100k people to an ICO
  • 1st to join GSMA
  • 1st to exhibit at Mobile World Congress
  • 1st to agree partnerships with mobile operators
  • 1st to create long-term financial benefits to aid the unbanked
  • 1st to launch instant payment for cryptocurrency (and patent it)
  • 1st to give easy access for instant payments via API for vendors with multiple plugins
  • 1st to allow anyone with a smartphone to become a vendor
  • 1st to simplify blockchain for users, vendors and corporates
  • 1st to build and launch a full ecosystem for mainstream users
  • 1st to implement KYC

Following the recent G20 summit, where they stated that regulation is coming, there have been a number of other cryptocurrencies announce an intention to implement KYC. The future of our industry lies in our ability to grow real everyday usage. Electroneum is delivering that future right now.

Measuring Github, Reddit and Telegram does little to reveal signs of mass adoption – their figures measure the 1% already in the market, not the 99% that will deliver real success. Electroneum is ranked in the Top 5 online and on Facebook. More importantly Alexa ranks us in the number one spot in the entire cryptocurrency market for user engagement.

As we move into 2019, there will be many more world firsts from Electroneum. We look forward to an exciting year of announcements and growth!

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