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Deltex Medical Group PLC

Deltex Medical Group plc Major new US hospital account

Deltex Medical Group plc (LON:DEMG), the global leader in Oesophageal Doppler Monitoring (“ODM”), has today announced the addition of a major new hospital in the USA.

The hospital is a University Teaching Hospital in our Mid-Atlantic sales territory and the flagship site within a six hospital healthcare system. It is ranked amongst the top ten hospitals in the USA.

The hospital evaluated ODM thoroughly in 150 patients undergoing either colorectal or urology surgery in November and December 2016. In colorectal surgery, where it had already established all other key aspects of a multi-disciplinary enhanced recovery surgical programme, it demonstrated around a 10% reduction in mean length of hospital stay. In urology surgery it demonstrated a c. 20% reduction in mean length of hospital stay. The clinicians leading the quality improvement project informed the Company that a previous evaluation of an alternative cardiac output monitoring technology to guide fluid management had, in contrast, shown an increased length of stay.

The flagship hospital has now started implementing ODM into its standard operating procedures for both colorectal and urological surgery. The clinicians leading the implementation programme have informed the Company that they expect this to lead to use of 40 to 50 probes a month; furthermore, that the system plans to introduce ODM into the two largest sister hospitals in Q2 2018 and the remaining three hospitals by Q4 2018 by which time the flagship hospital expects to have started to roll ODM usage out into other surgical disciplines. The Company is supporting the implementation from its existing resources with no additional overhead.

Ewan Phillips, Deltex Medical Group Plc Chief Executive, commented: “This is a strategically important account win for Deltex in an important teaching hospital. Successful implementation through the hospital and wider system should help drive our overall US sales growth as well as providing an additional highly rated reference account.

“The results from the hospital’s evaluation validate the value our ODM technology offers even in those hospitals that have the very best patient outcomes. It is noteworthy that this US hospital was able to use ODM to improve its patients’ recoveries even though its starting points for lengths of stay for these types of surgery were already around half the NHS England average.”