CentralNic Group establishes dedicated Data and Artificial Intelligence Group

CentralNic AI

CentralNic Group plc (LON:CNIC), the global internet platform that derives recurring revenue from the sales of domain names and web services, has today announced that it has established a Data and Artificial Intelligence Group to leverage its vast data sets.

CentralNic stores, manages, and is exposed to huge datasets that can be used for advanced analysis. Examples include; navigation data on tens of millions of daily DNS queries, ad-tech data on tens of millions of domain advertisements, site usage data on hundreds of millions of unique visits and millions of monthly clicks, and similarly extensive data on transactions and registrations.

These extremely large data sets lend themselves perfectly to AI and machine learning applications that can be used to provide a large array of initiatives which will benefit both the Company and our customers.  These include; improved customer service, optimised business operations and decision making, enhanced marketing, reduced customer churn and automated detection of non-compliant customer activity.

CentralNic’s online marketing companies have advanced data capabilities as part of their core business which make extensive use of machine learning. The new Data and AI Group will ensure these capabilities are utilised across the whole Company, bringing together 14 data analysts from different business units and integrating all of the Company’s data sets and data expertise.

The team will be headed by Chief Data Scientist, Dr. Pawel Rzeszucinski, a prominent expert in data and Artificial Intelligence. 

Pawel will be responsible for leading the development and implementation of CentralNic’s data strategy. A member of the European Commission’s AI Alliance, Pawel is a leading expert in ethical use of AI. He will ensure that the Group remains at the forefront of online privacy, fully compliant with GDPR, and all planned new Privacy policies from Governments and tech platform partners like Google and Apple.  CentralNic is also a leader in protecting internet users through its sophisticated software, dedicated anti-abuse teams, and partnerships with such entities as the Global Cyber Alliance. 

Pawel received his doctorate in engineering from the University of Manchester, where he collaborated with the UK’s Ministry of Defence. He worked as Senior Scientist at ABB Corporate Research Centre (a global technology company with revenues of $26bn) and Senior Risk Modeler for HSBC, before joining CentralNic Poland as Chief Data Scientist. Pawel has presented to major legislative bodies, think tanks and international conferences such as The European Parliament and European Internet Forum, and is a regular contributor to The Forbes Technology Council of articles relating to AI and data.

Ben Crawford, CentralNic Group CEO, commented: “This development is a significant step forward towards us maximising the potential of the considerable data, knowledge and expertise we have across the Group. It is an important step for CentralNic in its strategy to create an omnichannel digital platform, providing easy access to all of the Group’s services and solutions for end-to-end customer journeys which include; purchasing and selling domains,  hosting and promoting fully equipped e-commerce websites, protecting brands online and monetising internet traffic.”

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