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Avast Plc

Avast Plc Launches Secure Web Gateway

Avast Plc (LON:AVST), a global leader in cybersecurity products, today announced the launch of Avast Business Secure Web Gateway – the first enterprise-class secure web gateway designed for the needs of small to medium businesses (SMBs). Today’s SMBs need layered, turnkey security solutions that can fully protect their business from cyber threats without the need for extensive internal resources. The Avast Business solution is delivered as a cloud service (SaaS) so there is no hardware or virtual appliance to configure or manage and it has the scalability and availability to support growing businesses.

SMBs have everything at stake when it comes to protecting themselves from cyberattacks, but few have the resources to address today’s evolving threats. Until now, SMBs wishing to protect their network and users from threats on the web have had to turn to a myriad of point solutions or costly, unscalable, security appliances that are not capable of inspecting the increasing load of encrypted web traffic. As a result, many either do not inspect their web traffic or only inspect a small proportion, leaving corporate networks and users exposed to unnecessary threats.

“SMBs do not have the time or resources to dedicate to maintaining security appliances. And because appliances tend to create bottlenecks in web traffic, many businesses turn off important security features, leaving them without even basic web security and opening their organizations to a myriad of web-based threats,” said Kevin Chapman, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Avast Business. “We wanted to offer SMBs across the globe enterprise-grade web security delivered within a cloud service (SaaS), which is both flexible and scalable. With the launch of Avast Business Secure Web Gateway, we’ve done that.”

Avast Business Secure Web Gateway is a fully scalable, cloud-based cybersecurity solution that delivers advanced protection against web threats in a simple to set-up solution. It is a part of the Avast Business CloudCare platform which offers businesses multiple layers of security including endpoint and network security.

“Since implementing Avast Business, we have easily seen a 45% reduction in staff hours required to manage security. We’ve reduced web threats by 80% and eliminated the potential need to reimage workstations due to infections,” said Mike Marcum, director of IT for The Kishan Group, a global hotel group. “We now have a turnkey network security solution that protects our staff and guests 24/7, reduces time required to manage security, and improves our customer service.”

Avast Business Secure Web Gateway provides SMBs with a comprehensive approach to web security:

Three Step Set Up in Minutes, not Days – With set up in three easy steps, SMBs can start to benefit from Avast Business Secure Web Gateway in a matter of minutes, blocking malware and other dangerous or restricted content.

Enterprise-class DNS Security – Avast Business Secure Web Gateway blocks access to known malicious websites, downloads, and locations. Enforce web policies for all devices on your network and for your roaming PCs.

Inspect All Your Web Traffic – Cybercriminals hide malware in encrypted web traffic because most security appliances don’t have the power to fully inspect it. The elasticity of a cloud-delivered solution can automatically scale to fully inspect encrypted sites. Malicious and deceitful websites are blocked and analyzed to protect from similar threats in the future, making unknown threats known. This new intelligence is then pushed out to all users for immediate protection.

Intelligent Sandbox Technology – Avast Business Secure Web Gateway completes full inline inspection of unknown sites to protect your business from new and emerging threats. Downloads are analyzed to ensure they are free of malware before a user installs or opens them.

SaaS Cloud Security – Avast Business Secure Web Gateway is deployed through the Avast Business CloudCare platform, providing complete network and endpoint visibility from one console. As it is delivered, managed, and maintained via the cloud, Avast Business Secure Web Gateway provides SMBs with flexible and scalable network security, enabling them to maintain a secure network without the cost and complexity of traditional or virtual appliances.

Avast Business Secure Web Gateway and Avast Business CloudCare are available from Avast Business and its partners.

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