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Amigo Holdings PLC Directorate Change

Further to the announcement on 23 April 2019, Glen Crawford, CEO, has resigned as an executive director of Amigo with immediate effect due to his previously disclosed health condition. He will nevertheless remain available to advise the board and to continue with the comprehensive handover to Hamish Paton, Chief Commercial Officer and CEO designate, over the next month.

Nayan Kisnadwala is now the sole executive director of Amigo, and it is anticipated he will remain so until Hamish Paton is promoted to the role of CEO and appointed as a director and his approval by the FCA comes into effect. Until Hamish’s appointment, Nayan will work on a day-to-day basis with the members of the executive committee, who will share responsibility for the management of Amigo. The Chairman, Stephan Wilcke, will take on increased responsibility for liaising with external stakeholders, including investors, regulators and the media.

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