8 Video Games to Train for UFO Balloon Invasion

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With reports of unidentified balloon-like objects being spotted in the skies above the US, speculation has been raised as to their origin. While some suggest that they are from China, others think they may be extraterrestrial in nature and a full-on alien invasion is on the horizon. To prepare for this potential alien invasion, it is important to practice the necessary tactics and strategies. For this reason, we have gathered a list of video games that can help to be ready for the potential alien invasion.

Space Invaders is an all-time classic that has already prepared our parents and grandparents for any alien invasion. It encourages players to protect themselves with four barriers placed equidistant of each other while facing off against slow-moving aliens.

XCOM is a strategy game where players shoot down UFOs and send out soldiers to combat an invading alien menace, while using available resources to improve their base of operations. It has a high difficulty and requires players to become acclimatized to failure.

Balloon Fight is a classic Nintendo game from the 80s that involves aerial combat and popping enemy balloons. Not only does it provide tactical knowledge, but it also encourages players to build up arm strength by flapping their arms up and down in their spare time.

Destroy All Humans! is a great way to understand how the aliens think and operate so that strategies can be formed to stop the invasion before it even starts.

Pang (or Buster Bros. as it’s called in the US) demonstrates how deceptively tricky aliens can be to deal with, as they split into ever smaller balloons the more they are hit. It also uses real world locations like London and Paris to make it more of an accurate simulation.

In Batman 1989, there is an entire stage dedicated to popping balloons using the wings of the Batplane to cut their ropes so they float harmlessly into the sky.

Earth Defense Force is a game where aliens constantly invade the world with UFOs, giant insects, and Godzilla-style monsters. This helps players understand what kind of tortures may be inflicted if an invasion were to occur.

Bloons is a web browser game that literally does nothing but pop balloons. Players can practice for the alien invasion without spending a penny.

By playing these games and understanding their tactics, it is possible to prepare ourselves for any potential alien invasion that may occur in the future.

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