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Veltyco Group Plc

Veltyco Group PLC Bet90 sponsorship FPF Brazil

Veltyco Group plc (LON:VLTY), the online marketing company for the gaming industry, has today announced that its subsidiary, Bet90 Sports ltd (“Bet90”), has entered into a sponsorship agreement with LAOLA1 Multimedia GmbH, trading as LAOLA1.tv in Brazil, where Bet90 will act as sponsor of the Federação Paulista de Futebol (“FPF”), one of the largest football federations in Brazil, for the 2018 football season. The agreement includes a digital partnership, where Bet90 will receive a guaranteed amount of advertising impressions in Brazil, during the contract period.

This agreement allows Bet90 to enter the South American market, a strategy which was communicated in the Company’s announcement of 28 June 2017, by investing in one of the most valuable sponsorship rights in Brazil and entering into and strategic partnership with one of the largest football federations in the host country of the 2014 Football World Championship.

With all the assets included, the sponsorship will provide significant media (and in-stadium) coverage during the 2018 FPF season which, as 2018 is a World Championship year in Russia, and Brazil is expected to be a leading competitor, the Company believes will be extremely valuable.

FPF, with more than 400,000 active players at over 110 clubs, hosts over 1,000 games per season, including Paulista A1, A2 and the Copa São Paulo Junior. With this partnership, due to the TV coverage, Bet90 will reach approximately 9.3 million households and 37 million people directly. In addition, there will be a strong focus on digital activation, where FPF already reaches more than half a million people in Brazil.

Due to this sponsorship, Bet90 can proudly announce that it will be Official Sponsor of FPF and, as such, be recognized during all Paulista A1, A2 and Copa São Paulo Junior games, including presence on all official league materials as well as having promotion activities at all of the games in the abovementioned competitions.

David Mathewson, Veltyco Group plc Chairman, commented: “We are very excited about entering the Brazilian market having agreed terms with respect to this sponsorship agreement. It will allow us to further expand our business into new markets with high-growth potential.”

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