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Maestrano Group Plc

Maestrano Group PLC goes live with major US banking customer

Maestrano Group PLC (LON: MNO), the open cloud business integration platform with cross-app data synchronization, announced today it has now successfully gone live with a platform for a major US based banking customer.

This Maestrano platform is used by Enterprises to assemble and serve integrated suites of Cloud applications with value-adding data analytics to drive engagement with their small and medium sized customers. Maestrano has been working with the US Bank for almost a year developing new digital services using the Maestrano platform which allow increased functionality for SMB users.

The initiative has been introduced to the US Bank’s customers with the first rollout now underway to a targeted initial audience. The engagement data from this first phase rollout will be analysed to help define subsequent stages as the initiative develops. Maestrano expects to collaborate with the US Bank to enhance functionality and user experience in support of driving ongoing adoption and usage.

Stephane Ibos, CEO of Maestrano Group plc, commented:

“This is a major milestone for Maestrano and we are delighted to be working collaboratively with such a prestigious US bank. The commencement of live operations provides the opportunity to showcase our platform technology to a potentially huge customer base, as well as drive incremental revenues. This is potentially transformational for Maestrano and provides a significant opportunity for the Company.

Leading analysts such as McKinsey1 report that banks that implement technology such as artificial intelligence, analytics and automation algorithms will enhance their value to customers by establishing an added personalised experience when using their services. This is Maestrano’s purpose and we look forward to reporting on the ongoing progress of the rollout of the US Bank’s Maestrano-driven digital services in the months ahead.”

1. “Remaking the bank for an ecosystem world”, McKinsey & Company, Oct 2017.