UPDATED: Electroneum on the Verge of 4 new exchanges


Electroneum (ENT) only a few days ago announced that they had appointed Mr Michael Strollair as a technical advisor. Only a day later in a candid interview with P2P Crypto he announces that new exchanges are imminent.

CEO and Founder of Titanium Mr Michael Strollair talks about his role at Electroneum but one of the first questions asked in this interview were how he plans to get ETN onto bigger and better exchanges.

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“This is what I have done successfully day in and day out when I was a core marketing team member at Verge, which I was considered the face and voice of and it was my speciality. To get Verge listed on higher volume exchanges and getting supported on hardware and software wallets. Anybody that logs into any exchange to do any business whatsoever and sees XVG listed there I more than likely had something to do with putting it there.

So you are talking to someone who can do this and do this simply and I believe we are going to have some good news today or tomorrow about just that!”

Michael went on to say that he has four exchanges lined up already. When asked about the impact of being on bigger exchanges with regards to the price Michael said

“Of course it will! It all comes down to volume, as soon as; number one you have more volume and number 2 what you have right now as I have said previously is a monopoly.” He was of course referring to Cryptopia.

Michael in well known in the Crypto circles and comes with a wealth of experience leading the implementation of technical solutions for McDonald’s, Apple, Tesla and HP.

This interview was dated the 11th January so can we expect to see Electroneum on a new exchange today?

Update: Around 1am GMT it was announced that the company have teamed up with NEXT.EXCHANGE and will be up and running within 3 weeks (so sometime before 3rd Feb). The announcement went on to say “Michael has quickly become fully engaged with the team, and is driving change at a startling rate. As of today, we already have 3 exchanges in fast track application, and, much as we’d love to share all the details with you right now, the strict application criteria has our lips firmly sealed! I’m sure you’ll all appreciate that any leaks could seriously hamper our application process, which would only cause frustrating delays. That said, we shouldn’t need to wait too long to hear the announcement from the exchanges.”

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The full interview can be found below. Credit to P2P Crypto.


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