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UPDATED: Electroneum Poised to be the Largest Crypto by User

Electroneum (ETN) has gathered a lot of attention since its ICO at the end of last year. There have been many an article witten about the company, some factual some just plain old fud. It doesn’t really matter whether you like the company or not, certain facts cannot be ignored. With nearly 2 million registered users it has had faster viral growth than the likes of both Facebook and Twitter over the same period of time. 2 million users cannot be wrong! This of course is without any advertising to its partners user-base of over 130 million which is expected to begin in the next few months. It’s vision is clear – to provide a cryptocurrency that is both simple to use and be accessible by anyone with a mobile phone and the company is well on its way to achieving this.

If you are one of the few yet to hear about this amazing coin, below are a series of videos produced by Electroneum to give a clear understanding of its development so far and where it is heading.

The first video ‘Why The Unbanked’, presented by Richard Ells, talks more about this group of people and why helping them is so important. The second explains how many people in the world are unbanked & how many have smartphones, followed in the third by who would like to see the Unbanked included. Next in the series answers one of the pondering questions within the ETN community, ‘Why give the Unbanked free ETN?’ closely followed by ‘How can the unbanked gain additional ETN?’ and the ‘Gig’ Economy as an enablement tool. The last two talk about ‘Money Velocity’ and where ETN see it in Cryptocurrencies and what the future brings for the company.

So what is next?

Apple have recently approved the ETN IOS app which is currently in beta and being tested by several thousand users, reports so far have been positive. ETN have said that the mining experience will be somewhat different for IOS users and will be cloud based, but feel its actually better than the Android experience. This will almost certainly be offered as an option for all users. This may open up the ability to mine on any web based device from TV’s to your games console if all that is required to access is a web browser.

In less than two weeks time, users will be able to trade via top 10 cryptocurrency exchange https://Coinbene.com/ based in Singapore.

Instant Payment System for vendors beta opened at the beginning of July so an update on this is expected towards the end of the month too.

Before the end of September it is Electroneum’s aim to of launched instant payments, the vendor API, a community app, a gig economy website and a vendor directory and considering they have delivered on everything else promised so far the future looks promising for this coin and its investors.

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