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Electroneum CEO to talk about ‘Fintech Leaders of the Future’ and ‘Mass Adoption’

The next step in ETN’s journey is the fast-approaching BCI summit 2018 which opens on June 11th.

Electroneum (ETN) announced today that Richard is currently flying out to speak about ETN under ‘Which Cryptocurrencies will emerge as the fintech leaders of the future’ and again in the panel ‘Future Adoption of Cryptocurrencies’.

BCI Summit 2018BCI Summit speakers are at the forefront of technological innovation. The list of panelists includes a plethora of cryptocurrency and blockchain experts. These leading industry executives and investors are all ready to share their knowledge and help investors invest smarter.

New blockchains, decentralized exchanges, stablecoins, Hashgraph, Block Collider…These are just a few of the emerging technologies in the past months. In an industry moving at lightning speed, these leading experts discuss what emerging crypto technologies are just fads and what are actually going to stick.

Panelists will have chance make connections with hundreds of fellow blockchain and cryptocurrency investors and experts. Expanding both their knowledge and business circles with an exclusive networking event.

Electroneum’s upgrade is now in place despite its initial problems it is past block 370579 meaning mining difficulty levels have dropped by 90% – once again ETN is a profitable coin to be mined. If you have a GPU rig head to https://electroneum.fairhash.org/ , https://etn.nanopool.org/ or https://etn.ucrypto.com/

With the upgrade done, we expect news of new exchanges and new partnerships to follow!

Some stats to think about: In the last 10 weeks half a million new wallet sign-ups, also in that time the number of mobile miners has increased from below 70,000 to 170,000. 19,000 more YouTube videos and 10,000 more Facebook followers. This is all down to the community and dedicated fans. ETN is yet to advertise to the 130 million potentials (that we know of).

This company is on a successful road to mass adoption and it has only just begun.


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