Allied Universal cash offer for G4S PLC

G4S plc

Allied Universal and G4S plc (LON:GFS) have announced that the offer document containing the full terms and conditions of the Offer, together with the related Form of Acceptance, is being published and sent today to G4S shareholders and, for information only, to persons with information rights and participants in the G4S Share Schemes.

The Offer will remain open for acceptance until 1.00 p.m. (London time) on 26 January 2021 (or such later time(s) or date(s) as Allied Bidco may, subject to the rules of the City Code or with the consent of the Panel, decide).

The procedure for acceptance is set out in paragraph 16 of Part II and Parts D and E of Appendix I of the Offer Document. Acceptances of the Offer in respect of G4S Shares held in certificated form (that is, not in CREST) should be made by completing and returning the Form of Acceptance accompanying the Offer Document as soon as possible and, in any event, so as to be received by Link Group by no later than 1.00 p.m. (London time) on 26 January 2021.  Acceptances in respect of uncertificated G4S Shares should be made electronically through CREST so that the TTE instruction settles no later than 1.00 p.m.  (London time) 26 January 2021.  If you are a CREST sponsored member, you should refer to your CREST sponsor as only your CREST sponsor will be able to send the necessary TTE instruction to Euroclear. G4S ADR Holders who wish to participate in the Offer should contact their Depositary.  G4S VP Holders who wish to participate in the Offer should contact Danske Bank.

The Offer Document and the Form of Acceptance will be made available on Allied Universal’s website.

Good news travels fast (but only if you make that happen):

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