CIOs: Create Green IT Culture with Practical Steps & Strategies

Sustainability has become a priority for businesses and CIOs looking to build green IT culture. As organizations look to meet environmental and sustainability goals, CIOs are being called on to lead the charge in driving an environmentally sustainable tech agenda. To do this, CIOs need to understand the three main areas of green IT opportunities and find ways to implement them in their organization.

The first area of opportunity is implementing a holistic, integrated data and insights program that can measure green IT operations and drive sustainability. This program should leverage digital technology capabilities such as IoT sensors, AI, advanced analytics, and blockchain to aggregate real-time data and optimize processes to reduce environmental impact. Doing so will create a competitive advantage by creating user-friendly experiences through software and networks that require minimal use of end-user devices.

The second area of opportunity is leveraging a sustainability-driven technology strategy, which should include the cloud. The rapid growth of cloud computing and cloud data centers offers the potential to mitigate data management challenges while consuming relatively low amounts of energy and power. Additionally, moving to the cloud and collaborating with cloud providers that are committed to zero/carbon neutral footprints can be advantageous in meeting sustainability goals.

The third area of opportunity is driving accountability and transparency in the supply chain. CIOs should set green policies and standards for their vendors and suppliers, incorporating emissions reduction disclosures into the criteria for purchasing decisions. Additionally, CIOs can look to replace or upgrade end-user devices more often to reduce carbon emissions.

By focusing on these three areas of green IT opportunities, CIOs can build an environmentally sustainable tech agenda that creates a competitive advantage and accelerates sustainability objectives. This will create a greener IT culture that can help organizations meet their environmental goals while also boosting organizational change at scale.

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